Social Prescribing

The Benefits of
Embedding Digital

Enhancing the establishment and development of your social prescribing programme will lead you to think about enhancing aspects of how your service is designed, implemented, delivered and measured. It’s time to explore what the leading social prescribing programmes are using…

Here are a few benefits that come with embedding digital into your social prescribing programme:

Our digital social prescribing platform enables Commissioners to:

Elemental enables and provides GPs with the ability to:

Elemental’s platform is currently enabling over 3,000 Link Workers across the UK and Ireland to:

We’re empowering VCSE organisations across the UK and Ireland to:

Elemental is ensuring housing professionals can:

By embedding Elemental into their Student Wellbeing programmes, Further and Higher Education institutions can:

By partnering with Elemental and integrating our platform to support work and health programmes, Employment Support agencies can:

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Getting started with your social prescribing and enhancing your existing programmes.