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We're celebrating Social Prescribing Day by sharing a host of useful resources. We'll continually add new content every month so keep checking back.

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Some free resources for you to download, enjoy and share!

Infographic: 8 ways social prescribing can improve mental health

Infographic: Social Prescribing Models

Infographic: Benefits of connecting health and housing through social prescribing

Housing Case Study: Inspiring people to be the best they can, with the right home, and the right relationships

Social Prescribing in Ealing | A Hyper Local Approach

Patient Focus: West Lancs CCG collaborate through social prescribing to reduce blue light calls by 92%

Ebook: Bridging the gap between health and housing through social prescribing

A Guide to Social Prescribing for Primary Care Networks

Ebook: Getting started with social prescribing and enhancing your existing programmes

Interactive Toolkit: Our Digital Maturity Index Tool is designed to analyse your existing digital maturity level and advise the next steps

Report: VCSE Sector Engagement and Social Prescribing

Email signature: Proud to be a social prescribing champion

Social Prescribing and the Digital Landscape

Webinar: The Benefits of Social Prescribing in Housing and Social Prescribing

Webinar: Social Prescribing and The Digital Maturity Index

Webinar: The Future of Social Prescribing

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