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Prisons around the UK and Ireland are beginning to recognise the benefits of embedding the social prescribing model of care within their facilities allowing them to offer a bespoke and person-centred approach to patient health and wellbeing improvement. Patients are now being supported in co-designing their own health and wellbeing plans to engage in non-medical support such as sleep hygiene, relaxation classes and mental health programmes.

By embedding social prescribing, prison care can now:

Gain a better understanding of the impact of the programmes and services currently commissioned and build a live and active library of activities and interventions suited to the needs of their patients and what matters to them

Support patients using a range of clinically approved interventions to reduce dependence on drugs and other substances, providing psychosocial interventions to impact on smoking, drugs and alcohol using behaviours

Gather and collate data which identifies trends and will better inform planning and co-commision services with other sectors

Create stronger links between departments and sectors in the prison service and ‘beyond the gate’

Involve multiple stakeholders including nursing staff, mental health teams, occupational therapists, wellbeing hub staff and senior nursing assistants

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How we support you

We’ll scope and evaluate your existing care model and assess what’s working well and establish where social prescribing fits best. We’ll become an extension of your team and deliver a series of workshops, stakeholder mapping sessions and social prescribing training for staff including the ability to use Elemental’s social prescribing Core platform.

Soon, your team will be making, managing and reporting on social prescribing referrals, with the ability to track and measure the uptake and impact of your programmes and interventions.

With you every step of the way

Rachel Gibbs, Assistant Director Prison Healthcare South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust has been leading a partnership project with Elemental from within Hydebank Wood College. Rachel said “Elemental has helped us at every step along the way. Using the Elemental social prescribing platform has helped keep everyone on track. It provides us with the structure we need and highlights any deficits in planning, meaning we can now support our patients better. It has also helped internal teams to work more closely together which has boosted staff morale and teamwork.”

The power of digital

Our digital social prescribing platform allows GPs and prison healthcare staff to make, manage and monitor referrals with ease and confidence. Elemental Core can seamlessly integrate with your internal systems, meaning real-time connectivity and synergy with your existing data hubs and processes.

  • Cross Reference Health Journeys Against Specific and Cohort Health Risks

    Monthly progress displayed in a simple and easy way for Referrals Makers and communities to understand

  • Cloud Based and Responsive

    Enabling key people within your area to use any time and on any device

  • Connect Individuals' Health Risks to Specific Interventions in the Prison

    Filter social prescription options by location, ability and type of support required to maximise people engagement-better facilitate Shared Decision Making

  • Initiate Initial Referrals in Under 60 Seconds

    Frees up GP time by sending referral straight through to relevant staff

Features and Benefits

  • Health Risk Analysis

    Helping patients to better understand their health risk and track their health risk status using validated monitoring tools.

  • Aggregate Reports

    Provide accurate epidemiological information to facilitate greater reporting between Prison Departments, local authorities, health and third sector.

  • Social Prescription Generator

    Referring patients to range of quality assured community based lifestyle interventions

  • Attendance Tracker

    ​Facilitate, track, and measure attendance rates of patients across multiple prison based lifestyle intervention providers

  • Calendar System

    Generates bookings with services integrated with patients personal calendar

  • Enhanced Directory of Services

    Enables accredited Providers to create and edit database of locations, programmes and allocate appropriate Facilitators

  • Health Impact Measurement

    Track patient’s health and wellbeing improvement journey in real time in line with their identified health risks

More than just a platform

Our team has helped over 100 organisations shape and deliver their approach to social prescribing across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Middle East and soon to be Finland.

Some of the team who will be supporting you in your quest to enhance your prison care model include:


Jennifer Neff


Jennifer has over 17 year’s experience in extensive engagement and consultation with vibrant and diverse stakeholder groups drawn. Her work has informed strategies for renewal – economic, physical and social, building stronger and more vibrant communities.


Leeann Monk


Leeann has over 15 years experience in community development & health, engaging and activating the hardly reached across areas of disadvantage in particular families, older people at risk of isolation, carers and children at risk of or suffering from obesity.


Kieran Lynch

Prison Project Advisor

In 2001 he joined the Home Office Drugs Prevention Advisory Service as Programme Manager for alcohol, drugs and tobacco with the National Treatment Agency and has continued this role In Public Health England. Kieran is an experienced criminal justice expert, specialising in interpreting policy and developing research into practice, and is currently conducting research on how decision making and behavioral attitudes at both an individual and organisational level can impact on systems and structures.

Clare Cooper

Project Manager

Clare has held a number of roles in community health improvement aiming to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and well-being of the community.

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