Social Prescribing for PCNs

Social Prescribing for PCNs

Supporting PCNs to bring care closer to the community through an innovative and integrated personalised care solution


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As part of the NHS Long Term Plan, PCNs are required to help integrate primary care with secondary and community services, and bridge the gap between general practice and emerging Integrated Care Systems.

With over 30 years combined experience in community health, we’re well aware of the challenges that come with integrating care systems and health services, that’s why we designed the Elemental PCN Solution.

Our PCN specific solution will support you to:

Improve recruitment and retention of GPs through the promotion of a more streamlined and integrated social prescribing system that allows them to free up appointment time and make secure referrals to Link Workers in 3 clicks

Build on the core services available from GP practices, offering more care closer to home in communities and supporting people with long term conditions to better manage their own health.

Deliver against the requirements of the DES and enhance the effect of PCNs on continuity of care and report on impact and demonstrate return on investment of funding

Strengthen and redesign health and social care by bringing together ICSs, established secondary care, community care and social care providers a range of professionals and services to work collaboratively with your PCN


Whether you’re just starting to think about your plans for social prescribing or you’re looking to enhance your existing programme, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the right package of support for your PCN. We also offer a 6 Month Pilot for smaller PCNs.

We'll partner with you to:

Empower GPs to deliver an effective and sustainable model of care for their patients and communities

Build on existing schemes and enhance services around local communities

Embed and recruit link workers, social prescribers or clinical pharmacists

Support the VCSE sector and enhance services around local communities

Rebuild and reconnect primary healthcare teams

Enable PCNs to report on the effectiveness and impact of their SP programmes

Elemental has extensive experience in connecting cross-sectoral organisations, identifying common assets and understanding proactive pathways from primary care into community services, and helping facilitate a shared vision for digital maturity.

We understand that wider social factors of health such as housing, deprivation, poor education are all challenges that communities face in reducing health inequalities.

The Elemental Core Social Prescribing Platform

By embedding our digital social prescribing platform into the core of your new integrated care model, PCNs can:

social prescribing for pcns

Save time on dealing with non-medical approaches, direct referral within EMIS (in 3 clicks) to the PCN based SP Link worker.

Track referrals via our intuitive reporting dashboard, making it easier for the PCN to report back to the NHS and other stakeholders.

Generate analytics generated within the platform to lever in additional partners and funding and co-commissioning opportunities

Empower Clinical Leads to cover the whole population size of their PCN with the use of digital through a combination of Self Serve, Elemental’s Self Refer option and Elemental Core alongside the Social Prescribing Link worker

Enhance the role of the Social Prescribing link worker with digital allowing them to accept referrals quicker and see more patients

Provide analytics to identify which particular cohorts of people are responding best to social prescribing and use this to lever additional funding and or help with healthcare planning

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Creating meaningful connections

Our focus in everything we do is on improving care and outcomes for the end user, and we understand the importance of co-production and being able to evidence meaningful change. Our experience working with CCGs, the VCSE sector and hospital trusts ensures we have sufficient insight to help you plan and achieve your goals for collaboration.

We offer a bespoke solution that’s designed to co-design and scope out exactly what is needed, what’s available and then support you through the forming of your network, delivering your collaborative programme and then reporting on its success.

With you every step of the way

We’re more than just a tech company, and our solution is more than just software, that’s why our experts in collaboration become an extension of your team at the scoping stage of your project to define a strategy, and we’ll be right there with you, from implementation, through to delivery and beyond.

We don’t re-invent the wheel, we build and work with what’s already there, highlight the successes of what’s working well and through our approach to co-production, we help involve the local community and other stakeholders in designing and supporting a PCN that improves health outcomes and supports the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan.


We’re experts in collaboration and we pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve got first- hand experience in community development, collaboration and co-production.

We understand that the wider determinants of health such as housing, deprivation, and poor education are challenges that communities face in reducing health inequalities, so we know what support is needed.

Extensive experience in connecting cross-sectoral organisations, means we're experts in identifying common assets and understanding proactive pathways from primary care into community services.

Elemental is founded against a background steeped in community development and the expertise to understand how to collaborate within mutli-disciplinary teams.

We’re experienced in designing bundles of support dedicated to specific needs e.g. mental health, long term illness, isolation etc


Clapham Park Group Practice

“Social prescribing should be available for all GPs to offer their patients. One barrier to universal cover has been the lack of a quality platform for referring, recording and signposting patients, so we’re delighted to be piloting Elemental Software for our partnership with AgeUK.”

- Clapham Park Group Practice GP & Clinical Champion for the RCGP Clinical Priorities Programme, Clapham Park Group Practice

We can help

We know that every social prescribing programme for health organisations is different as it responds to the needs of each unique community and some communities are at different stages in their social prescribing journeys.

Depending upon where you are with your social prescribing project, we can help you;

Map what is already happening across your community

Identify the assets available in your community and what’s missing

Deliver on your ambitions to deliver on The Five Year Forward View

Access and apply for partnership opportunities

Identify what gaps exist i.e. training, partnerships etc

Overcome challenges or barriers for social prescribing in health services

Understand and outline potential opportunities and benefits

Help develop your vision and strategy – where you want to be and how you are going to do this

Determine the best way to roll out implement social prescribing for health care services in your area

More than just a platform

Our team has helped over 100 organisations shape and deliver their approach to social prescribing across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Middle East and soon to be Finland.

We were selected to help the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, develop his vision for social prescribing in London. 

Some of the team who will be supporting you in your quest to mainstream social prescribing are listed below:


Jennifer Neff


Jennifer has over 17 year’s experience in extensive engagement and consultation with vibrant and diverse stakeholder groups drawn. Her work has informed strategies for renewal – economic, physical and social, building stronger and more vibrant communities.


Leeann Monk


Leeann has over 15 years experience in community development & health, engaging and activating the hardly reached across areas of disadvantage in particular families, older people at risk of isolation, carers and children at risk of or suffering from obesity.


Clare Cooper

Project Manager

Clare has held a number of roles in community health improvement aiming to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and well-being of the community.

enhanced social prescribing

Denise Dillon

Head of Projects

Over 16 years experience working within the community and voluntary sector, working in community development, mental health, training and project management working with some of the most marginalised communities in Northern Ireland.


Phil Veasey

Community Partner

Phil has a strong background in scaling high impact, sustainable strategies and programmes in local communities including ‘Sportivate’ – a major Olympic Legacy Programme and The National Mini Tennis Programme, now the way children are introduced to the sport globally.

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