Social Prescribing Day 2019

social prescribing day

Social Prescribing Day 2019


Social Prescribing Day 2019 takes place on Thursday, March 14th. We're delighted to be collaborators and supporters of the very first global occasion and we can't wait to see what everyone has lined up. This international, annual celebration will help to raise awareness and highlight the importance and significance of social prescribing within healthcare.

As recognition of the day and to celebrate, we're giving away free online resource packs which will include: ebooks, infographics, how-to guides, webinar recordings and more. We'll also be making a very special announcement!

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What is Social Prescribing Day?

This year, the 14th of March represents an international annual celebration of social prescribing. On this day across the world, we will highlight the importance and significance of SP within healthcare.

Working in partnership with GPs, community groups, voluntary organisations, medical schools, academics, and students across the UK and world, The Social Prescribing Network are running a programme of events and activities aimed to engage people of all ages, and encourage organisations to run their own events and join in on the celebrations.

Why should you get involved?

Social Prescribing Day provides an opportunity to empower key stakeholders to collaborate, unite those who share a mutual passion for social prescribing, and disseminate the benefits and impact of social prescribing. More so because 2019 is the year of social prescribing.

With the recent publication of the NHS Long Term Plan and personalised care being marked as a priority, the NHS has promised to support at least 900,000 people to benefit from Social Prescribing by 2023.

Who can take part?

Everyone and anyone can get involved in Social Prescribing Day. Whether you are a patient, carer, healthcare professional, clinician, academic, work in the voluntary care sector organisation, a charity, university, school, general practice, secondary care trust, student or just someone with a passion for social prescribing, you can get involved.

Together, we can contribute to a social movement that the Social Prescribing Network are saying will ‘make the biggest difference in health and care in a century’.

How do I contribute to Social Prescribing Day 2019?

We’re confident that somewhere at sometime, you’ve been involved in or you’re activley participating in activities that promote high quality care.

This may be within the community, hospital, college, a GP surgey or the voluntary sector, wherever it is, we want to know about it!

All you have to do is share your projects, photos, videos, and success with the rest of the world on the 14th of March via Twitter by using the hashtag #SocialPrescribingDay.

You could also host an event and share that too! It’s entirley up to you!

The Social Prescribing Network, who are leading the day, have also shared a really useful media pack that you can personalise and share for yourself or your organisation. You can access this pack here.

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