Self Refer

Elemental Self Refer


Focusing on creating a culture of self care and independence, Elemental Self Refer will empower your community and drive real-time, person centred care in your area. Everyone can avail of social prescribing, but not everyone needs the support of a Link Worker or a referral from a GP.  


Individuals can explore which quality assured interventions are available in their community and filter by activity, provider, location etc.

Self Serve

Empower your community to create their own health and wellness baseline, their own social prescription plan based on their baseline results, and make direct connections to their preferred community based providers or interventions.

Self Refer

Any individual can choose the self refer option, resulting in an instant connection to their nearest social prescribing project and social prescribing link worker.

Stay updated, stay connected

Not only does Self Refer provide a seamless pathway for self managed and personalised care, it can also release capacity for GPs and Link Workers allowing them to spend more time with those who are vulnerable and need the most support.  It also gives you:

  • Anywhere access

    Self Referral can be accessed via​ ​a​ ​browser​ ​on​ ​a​ ​desktop,​ ​mobile​ ​device or kiosk or can even be embedded into your existing website or internal systems.

  • Instant registrations

    Once an individual self refers, a notification is sent direct and in real-time to your nearest social prescribing hub

  • Updates and reporting

    Referrals​ ​are​ ​tracked​, ​viewed​ and ​analysed with updates sent via email to all stakeholders throughout each stage of the social prescribing journey

  • Calendar sync

    Bookings with providers create a calendar reminder in the patient’s personal calendar , boosting the likelihood of attendance

  • Custom look and feel

    Customise our Self Refer tool so that it seamlessly fits with your brand. Choose your own colour palette, upload your own logo and personalise messaging