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Webinar Recordings

If you’ve missed any of our latest webinars, never fear,
we’ve got all of the recordings here ready for you to watch,
enjoy and share.

How to enhance relationships with community providers through digital social prescribing

Elemental’s Master Trainer, Rory Kehoe, was joined by Elemental customers, Ben Halschka from Merton Connected and Caitlin Bays from Age UK Barnet, to discuss how to enhance relationships with community providers through digital social prescribing. 

They discussed the crucial role providers play for social prescribing programmes and how you can:

  • Connect your community to more providers
  • Engage providers in your programme
  • Enhance how your community engages with local providers
  • Build better relationships with your providers
  • Monitor the uptake and engagement of provider services
  • Assess and report on the impact

Thriving PCNs

Elemental and guest hosts from Sunderland GP Alliance, Improving Health Limited, and Quay Health Solutions discuss how to create the foundation for your PCN to grow, evolve, and thrive. 

This session covered how organisations are leading the way, working in and with PCNs, and the practical steps that are needed to enhance social prescribing related services.

How to get GP buy-in for digital social prescribing

Elemental’s Head of Partnerships, Paul Gaskell, and guest host Mohan Sekeram, GP Principal, Wideway Medical Practice, Social Prescribing & Locality Lead from Merton CCG, hosted a webinar ‘How to get GP buy-in for digital social prescribing’ to showcase the importance of getting the foundation right for your social prescribing programme and why it’s so beneficial to have GPs and AHPs as champions for social prescribing in your neighbourhood.

Social prescribing: Increasing reach and evidencing impact in Scotland

Elemental and guest hosts from SPRING Social Prescribing, Your Voice Inverclyde, and Scran Academy, showcase how digital social prescribing is helping those working in community health and wellbeing to reduce health inequalities.


Making it easier for Link Workers to use the Patient Activation Measure (PAM®)

This webinar showcases how Elemental’s integration with  Insignia’s Flourish system, is making it easier for Link Workers to Co-produce personalised care and support plans using the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) and Elemental’s social prescribing platform.

The benefits of social prescribing in housing

As part of their commitment to delivering their Community Impact Strategy, ForHousing embraced the concept of social prescribing. Using Elemental’s Core platform, housing officers and neighbourhood coaches can now connect local residents to sources of non-clinical support in their communities, from cooking classes and exercise programmes to employment support and debt advice.

Social prescribing has proven as a successful method of supporting tenants to maintain successful tenancies, build healthy, thriving communities and reduce health inequalities across their neighbourhoods and a way to put people in control of their pathways.

Social prescribing digital maturity index

Elemental and guest host, Elemental’s Non-Exeuctive Board Member, Martin Bell, host this webinar based on social prescribing and digital maturity.

Ready to make the move from spreadsheets?  Want to move to something more of the stakeholders in your social prescribing programme can feed into and report on, but not sure how?

The future of social prescribing

Dive into the social prescribing landscape and uncover how digital plays a part in the future of personalised care.  Elemental’s CEOs, Jennifer Neff and Leeann Monk-Ozgul explore how far digital social prescribing has come, useful frameworks, models and resources, how to build trust for digital, examples of success and their vision for the future.