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Videos showcasing the outstanding work and commitment social prescribing Link Workers are doing in the community. We hear why they love their job.

Social Prescribing and the Power of Change | Jennifer Neff | TEDxStormontSalon

Social prescribing is the bridge between the community and the health and social care sectors. Jennifer Neff, CEO and Co-Founder of Elemental reveals why social prescribing is everyone’s responsibility and the positive impacts it can have on people, communities and healthcare.

Elemental | Social Prescribing and Integrated Care Solutions for Primary Care Networks

We share a vision with NHS England who has expectations that PCNs will bring care closer to the community. In line with the key objective of PCNs to bring care closer to the community and connect local primary care teams, we need to focus on promoting our experience and evidence of:

  • Enhancing services around local communities

  • Rebuilding and reconnecting primary healthcare teams

  • Empowering GPs and other primary care practitioners to deliver an effective and sustainable model of care for their patients and communities  

  • Enable PCNs to report on the effectiveness and impact of their SP programmes

Best practice in conversation

Episode 4 of Best Practice in Conversation was held on Social Prescribing Day 2021.  CEO and Co-Founder of Elemental, Jennifer Neff, shares the story of Elemental.

Elemental’s integration with EMIS makes reporting back on the impact of social prescribing easier

Over 4,300 GPs will now have the potential to monitor their patients’ entire social prescribing journey through two-way integration between Elemental Software’s platform and EMIS Web.

It’s Elemental - your social prescribing people: Ted x Stormount

Big thanks to our #TEDxStormont Summer Camp partners Elemental. 

Elemental helps organisations around the world to enhance the impact of their social prescribing programmes via its award-winning digital platform and services.

Ability Net Tech4Good Awards

Elemental Software won the 2020 Digital Health Award, their co-founder and CEO Jennifer Neff shares what Tech4Good means to her.

Social Prescribing UNCO 2019

The world’s first Social Prescribing Unconference took place in Kings House,  Manchester in October. Here are our best bits from the day.

What is social prescribing and how can it help students

Our award-winning social prescribing software is revolutionising the way students in Higher Education access wellbeing support by delivering a sustainable and replicable approach to tackling wellbeing challenges grounded in social prescribing.

How social prescribing can improve mental health

Social prescribing is an important approach to self-management of mental
health. The model of care is based on supporting people within our
communities to access non-medical and non-clinical sources of support
that can help combat health inequalities, mental health, and wellbeing
concerns. Focusing on mental health, there is a wide variety of social
prescribing models that can be used to target rural and urban community
populations, cohort groups, and vulnerable individuals with different
intended outcomes.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a model that enables health and social care professionals to refer people to a range of non-medical services within their community to improve social, mental, physical health and wellbeing. Recognising that people’s health and wellbeing is determined by a range of social, economic, and environmental factors, social prescribing takes a
holistic approach that empowers people to take control of their own health and to identify ways to improve how they are feeling with the practical and emotional support of a social prescribing link worker.

We are Elemental

Elemental is an award-winning social prescribing software company with the purpose of empowering and enabling individuals, families, and their carers to better connect into community-based programmes, services, and activities that make a positive impact on their lives. Elemental helps localities and regions to establish, scale, and better measure the effectiveness of the social prescribing model of care. 

Using Elemental areas can report on many different aspects of their project such as number of referrals received by each project, the source of where these referrals have come from, data around the reasons for referral, percentage uptake of social prescriptions, data around the types of activities prescribed and health and wellbeing impact data.