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Elemental Core

Elemental Core is our digital social prescribing platform. Empowering organisations to establish, scale and better measure the uptake and impact of social prescribing

Elemental Core – a fully interoperable and flexible digital platform.  

Key features of Elemental Core include:

Two way integration with the leading GP software systems (EMIS Web, SystmOne & Vision)
Inbuilt Directory of Services (DOS) and also the ability to integrate with other Directories in your area
Fully flexible referral pathway to suit your Social Prescribing Programme (to include Self Refer)
Robust reporting and analysis for all types of stakeholders (commissioners, referrers, link workers and community providers of programmes and services)
Fully responsive to accommodate a range of screen sizes to include mobile

What's included in Elemental Core

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Referral Portal

A safe and easy way to make and manage referrals to local social prescribing programme. Referrals can be made by GPs, Nurses, Community Mental Health teams, Housing Officers, Social Workers  and many more.  

Citizens/patients can be referred via a number of referral pathways.  Fully flexible to suit your own social prescribing programme. Refer via:

  • GP Systems (using our social prescription connector integration Elemental Connector Plus)
  • Elemental Core platform referral portal 

Anyone making a referral can receive updates and notifications on how their referral is progressing, and subsequently how the citizen/patient is being supported within the programme. Social prescribers can send back notes and updates, or they can check in themselves to see the direct impact the programmes and services have had on the citizen/patients health and wellbeing. 

Additionally curious or self motivated citizens/patients can take control and refer themselves to their local social prescribing programme (using our bolt on product Elemental Population Plus), generating their own social prescribing package, or initially working with a social prescriber to get started, before taking more control over time.

Measuring Health Outcomes

Measure the health and wellbeing of citizens/patients and the impact of their social prescriptions over time. Enables you to analyse progress and empower clients who can see the real world difference that social prescribing is making on their health and wellbeing.

  • Capture baseline information and data that tells you where your citizens/patients are starting their health and wellbeing journey from.
  • Track and share with the individual their own, personal health and wellbeing improvement journey in real time. 

Build your own dedicated toolkit from a range of  built-in accredited measurement tools, (such as WEMWBS, MYCaW, ONS4), best practice support and guidance and national evaluation reports.

Directory of Services

Build and customise your own Directory of Services (DOS) based around your own quality assurance criteria, within Elemental. This can offer a level of control and confidence in the services being offered by social prescribers within their communities. 

There are multiple ways to populate this directory of services

  1. Link workers can populate the DOS with hyper local activities that are being provided in an area
  2. You can take advantage of any services added to the DOS by other customers and marked as open. 
    • Or you can upload your own services and open them up to nearby social prescribing projects
  3. Local providers can be given access as part of the social prescribing programme in order to populate their own programmes and services

Elemental can Integrate with other existing Directories of Service in your area and display this within Elemental via Elemental Open Directory.

Management of Social Prescription

The (social prescriber module) gives link workers a range of tools and features to help them better support citizens/patients. It makes things quicker and allows them to spend more time delivering the care and guidance that their citizens/patients need, enabling them to be more effective with more citizens/patients.  

This also includes crafting bespoke social prescription packages for each citizens/patients to match their needs and requirements. Enrolling them directly in trusted community based programmes, or signposting them and making them aware of other activities of potential interest. 

Catering to the level of engagement based on each person’s needs. such as:

  • Creating appointments and visits 
  • Custom text messages and emails can be sent directly to citizens/patients from within the Elemental platform
  • Social prescribers can manage their workload and plan their day within Elemental using appointment calendars and tasks
  • Recording outcomes of appointments and visits – Social prescribers can record and track any appointment, visit or contact with their citizens/patients
  • Tracking attendance- Community Providers can mark attendance at their classes, allowing you  to keep track of client engagement
  • Recording health and wellbeing monitoring tools – A range of pre-built monitoring tools are available on the platform
  • Reporting capability to for social prescribing project managers to have an overview of staff caseloads to manage caseloads and capacity for link workers

Data analysis and reporting

Robust reporting and analysis for all types of stakeholders (commissioners, referrers, link workers and community providers of programmes and services) across a range of sectors (health, housing, Local Government Authority, VCSE etc). Helping to prove the business case for commissioning / recommissioning social prescribing.

Some of the Reports included in Elemental:

  • Attendance Reports
  • Health Impact Reports
  • Client journey/Progress Reports
  • Referral Activity Reports
  • Intervention Activity Reports
  • Programme Reports
  • Case Management reports
  • Equality Monitoring Reports