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Elemental Integrations

Elemental bespoke integrations are fully flexible to specific customer requirements, integrating with your current technology. 

Our Elemental Integrations product allows our customers to connect up existing systems with Elemental Core in order to streamline workflows and reduce duplication of data entry. Check out some of our customer examples below.

MYCaW by Meaningful Measures

Meaningful measures

Through a partnership with Meaningful Measures, Elemental are the first social prescribing software provider to digitally embed the MYCaW® (Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing) questionnaire as a validated measurement tool from within the platform to support its use and scale across social prescribing. 

The MYCaW® questionnaire captures the voice of the individual and evaluates holistic, personalised approaches to supporting people. It captures the full range of concerns encountered in social prescribing e.g., psycho-emotional, social, physical, spiritual and medical concerns, as well as practical welfare concerns relating to finance, housing and jobs and concerns of carers.  MYCaW® works as part of the consultation, is validated, quick to use and fits with the person-centred ethos of social prescribing by helping to prioritise what is most important to the individual.

If you are interested in integrating MYCaW® in your social prescribing programme, please get in touch. 



The SWEET App powered by The Old Library Trust (a Healthy Living Centre) is an educational resource for families with children that are overwieght or obese.  The App is used by Clinicians, Community Development Workers and Families across Northern Ireland that are taking part in their programmes. 

By integration the App with Elemental Core families can now available a social prescription package alongside the educational programme and as part of their exit strategy upon completing the programme.

If you are interested in this particular integration programme please get in touch.