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Elemental Population Plus

Elemental Population Plus makes referral route access even easier for your communities via a bespoke website that anyone can request support through at any time, on any device.

Do you want to make Social Prescribing available for every Citizen/Patient across your CCG, ICS or Council area but agree that not every Citizen/Patient needs the support of a Social Prescribing Link Worker?  If yes, then our Population Plus product could provide a cost effective solution for you.

Choose from two different options;

Population Plus Lite

The Population Plus Lite option enables Citizens/Patients in your community to Self Refer and be connected with their local Social Prescribing Link worker, avoiding the need to go to the GP for a referral.

A button is simply added to existing websites of your choice.  For example GP Practices, PCN and Council websites. The button links directly to our platform to enable your Citizens/Patients to avail of support.

Check out some of our customer examples below.

Population Plus Enhanced

This is an enhanced version of Population Plus that caters for your Citizens/Patients with varying levels of activation and motivation in order to:

  • Self Refer (to local Social Prescribing Hubs and be connected to a local Social Prescribing Link Worker)
  • Browse local Directory of Services (Citizens/Patients can browse what is available in their local area)
  • Self Serve (the most activated and motivated Citizens/Patients can create their own baselines such as ONS4, SWEMWB etc, connect themselves to locally based communities activities and do their own follow up scores) 
Check out an example from one of our customers below.