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We pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve got first hand experience in community development and we understand the challenges that communities face in reducing health inequalities.

Here at Elemental, we pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve got first hand experience in community development and we understand the challenges that communities face in reducing health inequalities. It’s all about understanding what’s already there, what’s working well and involving the local community in designing and delivering an approach that matters to them.

Helping to shape and develop your social prescribing strategy

We offer a meaningful partnership that is inclusive of all the community stakeholders involved in health and wellness, supporting you to embed the foundations of a shared vision and a sustainable approach to stronger and more resilient communities.

We’ll support you every step of the way, from engaging all stakeholders, to rolling out and implementing social prescribing in your communities, embracing digital to report on impacts and identify gaps and trends.

We can help

We know that every social prescribing programme is different as it responds to the needs of each unique community and some communities are at different stages in their social prescribing journeys.

Depending upon where you are with your social prescribing project, we can help you;

  • Map what is already happening across your community
  • Map what is already happening across your community
  • Engage stakeholders to help you decide on the best approach
  • Access and apply for funding opportunities
  • Identify what gaps exist i.e. training, funding etc
  • Overcome challenges or barriers for social prescribing
  • Understand and embrace potential opportunities and benefits to the person, nhs, council and the vcse sector
  • Help develop your vision and strategy – where you want to be and how you are going to do this
  • Determine the best way to roll out social prescribing and/or digital

We’re more than just software as a service

Not only is Elemental here to provide the digital infrastructure to enable social prescribing to be accessible and help provide the evidence that shows what is working well, but we’re here to ensure you get the funding you need to sustain and grow your programmes and services.

  • We’re always looking out for funding opportunities to help establish, enable and grow social prescribing
  • We’re often included as a bid partner and have been referred to as the applicant’s USP (Unique selling points) providing the competitive advantage to help increase chances of winning the bid
  • We help you deliver on your monitoring and evaluation

Meet Helen Mc Peake

After graduating with an MSc in Health, Nutrition, & Exercise in 2012, Helen started her career working in the VCSE sector.  Helen’s first role saw her as a Community Wellbeing Officer (Link Worker) supporting some of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Helen’s role developed to Operations Manager and her experience has seen the development and implementation of numerous social prescribing initiatives across Cheshire & Merseyside.

Helen has worked closely with the NHS and Local Authority to realise the benefits of social prescribing for patients, communities, and the health and care system.  Helen is passionate about social change and the role the VCSE sector plays in driving forward social prescribing.

With over 8 years experience working with VCSE organisations, Helen is passionate about ensuring you secure the funding you need to enhance your social prescribing programmes, strengthening multi-sector partnerships and increasing capacity and uptake of your services.

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