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Case Studies

We love to share the learning about different models and approaches through case studies. Case studies showcase how together, we can make a difference. There are lots of amazing organisations and people out there doing great things that positively impact on communities. Here are some we’d like to share. 

Age UK Barnet works under contract to Barnet Council and in partnership with other voluntary organisations to provide a wide range of services and activities for older people in Barnet. It is the primary social prescribing lead in the area, funded by primary care and Public Health and supports all seven primary care networks across Barnet. Its aim is to ensure that all patients have timely access to social, practical and emotional support when they need it, and to reduce the demand for primary care services through more preventative and lower-level community support.

Age UK Barnet works under contract to Barnet Council and in partnership with other voluntary organisations to provide a wide range of services and activities for older people in Barnet. It is the primary social prescribing lead in the area, funded by primary care and Public Health and supports all seven primary care networks across Barnet. Its aim is to ensure that all patients have timely access to social, practical and emotional support when they need it, and to reduce the demand for primary care services through more preventative and lower-level community support.

Caitlin Bays, Programme Lead, Age UK Barnet
As the lead social prescribing provider in the area, West Lancs CVS aims to bridge the gap between health and social care and the wider community. Social prescribing is an integral part of the local approach in helping to address health inequalities and support the preventative agenda. They have been working with Elemental since 2018, during which time the project has grown from covering one Primary Care Network to three as well as additional pathways to ensure people who need access to social prescribing support can get the help they need.

“What is great about social prescribing is it is not off the shelf, and we tailor everything around what the individual needs. We look at their lifestyle, what they are interested in, what their needs are, where they live, whether they drive. We support them to improve their lives and feel happier and healthier day to day. While we are all grateful for medical advances we have today, sometimes medicine is not the answer to support those who need it which is where social prescribing can really play a vital role”.

Nicci Sutton-Kelsall, Team Leader, West Lancashire Social Prescribing
NHS Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group is part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System. Consisting of local Primary Care Networks and GPs and healthcare professionals from 25 member GP practices across Knowsley, the region has been leading the way with data-driven social prescribing.

“Elemental has provided us with a platform to present our findings with authority, encourage more partners to collaborate with us, allowed us as an organisation with a small number of staff to help provide a service to a large number of people and made it so easy for GPs and Clinicians to buy in to making a social prescription at a single click of a finger in consultation times.”

Cathy Connolly, CEO, Care Merseyside
SPRING Social Prescribing helps people 18+ to address social, emotional, and practical needs by connecting them to sources of support within their community to improve their health and wellbeing, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. During Covid-19, the Connect Well service was launched to provide support online and remotely, offering socially distanced visits and classes where appropriate, making sure clients felt connected and supported.

It has been fantastic meeting folk and making friends. It's just been an absolute life saver for me.

Anonymous community member
South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP) is a local development company in South Dublin County, Ireland. The community and voluntary sector organisation develops and delivers projects to tackle poverty and social exclusion in the area through working together with local groups and partner organisations to address the issues that matter most. Its aim is to make South Dublin County a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities can realise their full potential within thriving communities.

“I’m on the software all the time. It’s really easy to use, and, as a former nurse, I find the measuring tools invaluable. I ask people if they have concerns at the beginning when they are referred to me and at the end so that I can measure myself on whether I’m meeting their concerns and what services I can refer them into to meet their needs.

Deirdre Ruane Social Prescribing Coordinator, South Dublin Count Partnership
Located in the rural area of Belfast, Hydebank Wood College is a Category C prison with males (age 18-21+) and females (age 18+). In 2019 The Public Health Agency funded a social prescribing pilot study that involved a Multidisciplinary Team within the college. This team would support a group of female patients to better connect into the programmes and services that contributed towards improved health and wellbeing within the prison environment.

When I joined healthcare in prison, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see social prescribing embedded within Hydebank Wood College.  Everyone involved knows the wider benefits of social prescribing and there was positive verbal feedback from providers and those within our care.  Elemental has provided a platform to enable us to manage social prescribing undertaken by the various agencies within our facility and to measure outcomes for the people in our care.  We hope to continue to build on the foundations and link those in our care with social care providers back in their community.

Fiona Linehan, Lead Nurse
As a leading mental health trust and one of only seven NHS England Mental Health Global Digital Exemplars, Mersey Care use Elemental’s Core digital social prescribing platform to transform its referrals process through its Pathways Advisors, who are based at The Life Rooms and help people using the service to identify help and support on issues including finding employment, housing, managing money and enrolling on learning for well-being courses.

At Mersey Care, we have an aspiration to deliver Perfect Care and services of the very highest quality that are essential in enabling people to find life. In this context, it is quite natural that we should look at how our people can discover and enjoy a life beyond diagnosis; beyond services; beyond Mersey Care. For us, a significant response to this human reality has been found in social prescribing and in the building of community capacity. With the development of our Life Rooms’ Centres, we have sought to create a sustainable infrastructure that empowers individuals and communities to discover and achieve new life and purpose.”

Michael Crilly, Director of Social Inclusion at Mersey Care
In December 2019, Elemental focused on United Welsh and their incredible social prescribing service, Wellbeing 4u. Not only was the Wellbeing 4U service commended for their partnership with Cardiff and Vale Health Board winning the ‘Working With Other Sectors’ prize in the Welsh Housing Awards, but they released their most recent Impact Statement, which contained some pretty impressive impact evidence, trailblazing best practice examples, and inspiring patient case studies.

We decided to go with Elemental as a service provider because they provide an established platform with evidence of partnership working and supporting outcomes. The main reasons to utilise this platform is to aid our service in demonstrating outcomes from our signposting, assisting reporting, and streamlining our referral pathway.

Emma South, Health and Wellbeing Lead, United Welsh
Following the Mayor of London’s 2018 Civic Innovation Challenge, Elemental was selected as Ealing council’s partner to develop solutions to help ‘inactive residents to become more physically active’.

Ealing Council took part in the GLA’s Civic Innovation Challenge to add value to the Let’s Go Southall pilot project funded by Sport England; we wanted to work with a partner to develop solutions that would help inactive residents become more physically active. We were particularly keen on seeing how digital and data based solutions could potentially support the most inactive people to become more active in their everyday lives and connect more with their wider community. Working in partnership with Elemental has been a new and very enjoyable experience; just speaking to like-minded motivated people from a different sector has provided us with opportunities to learn about what’s working elsewhere, what new initiatives are being piloted and adopted to help improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing and how new technologies can support this work.

Julia Robertson, Sports Development Manager – Ealing Council
Using Elemental’s social prescribing platform, GPs across seven practices in West Lancs CCG are now actively making, managing, and reporting on instant referrals to local social prescribing hubs, as well as tracking the impact of their referrals.

As a Community Specialist Paramedic, I work for the North West Ambulance Service, linking in with the Skelmersdale Social Prescribing team and West Lancashire CCG. I am regularly finding that patients I see with long term medical conditions not only require medical support, but also social support. As part of our joint working, I have witnessed collaboration of the highest standard, focusing on providing holistic health and social care for our West Lancashire population.

Kieran Potts, Community Specialist Paramedic, North West Ambulance Service
The first ever Elemental pilot took place in the Creggan Community in Derry. The Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre was running a social prescribing programme and used Elemental to better empower individuals in co-creating their social prescriptions and keep track of their health risk reduction journey.

“Carleen’s story is a great example of the benefits of social prescribing in action and its potential to transform lives. When the Elemental co-founders developed Elemental, it was vital that the platform tackled health and wellbeing inequalities and demonstrated the real impact that engaging in health programmes and services can bring. Through our experience in designing and delivering community health programmes, we often found that people just don’t know what services are out there for them to access, but examples like Carleen’s show that with support to access them, the benefits can be long-lasting.”

Carleen Deery
Funded by the Public Health Agency, this project is a collaboration between tech for good company Elemental Software, Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum and 15 Healthy Living Centres throughout the North of Ireland. Over a two year period, 28,000 people will engage in the largest social prescribing programme in Northern Ireland using Elemental Software. The programme will bridge the gap between community development and digital technology to help communities increase access and engage in physical activity, diet, nutrition and mental health support within their local areas.

“What excites me most about this partnership is the ability to enable members of the community to self-refer. We are seeing a change in the mindset of late where the community is demanding social prescriptions as alternatives to medication and the development of mental and physical health conditions. For the first time, we will have the analytics to assess the effectiveness of each referral we receive and generate across the HLC Alliance”.

Tony Doherty, HLC Alliance’s Regional Coordinator
Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum (BBHF) is a community led health improvement organisation bringing together people, groups and agencies to enhance health and wellbeing. Bogside and Brandywell is an area of deep deprivation and high health inequalities.

“The Elemental Platform has been great. It has saved me so much time and I am able to deliver a quicker and more effective service for the people in the Bogside and Brandywell neighbourhood. I am currently working with 30 different client and the software has halved the time it takes from assessing needs to finding services that will help them, which is so important because in my role we have to act fast to help clients stay motivated to make changes that will improve their health and wellbeing.”

Bronagh Cooper, Support Worker, Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum
Derry based Clarendon Medical Centre was one of the first GP surgeries to recognise the benefits of the Elemental social prescribing platform and the difference it could make in fast tracking referrals for individuals in need of non medical support. Through involvement in the Local Commissioning Group, Dr Paul Molloy was an early advocate of social prescribing and the value it brought, particularly to elderly people in the local community.

“At Clarendon Medical Centre we wanted to do things differently and be innovative in looking at ways that we can drive longer term health improvements for our patients. Elemental is a great solution, as it enables GPs to find all the support that is available when looking at the best solutions for our patients and we can do this quickly and easily at the point of access.”

Dr Paul Molloy, Clarendon Medical Centre