Maassarani Group Practice and Care Merseyside reduce patient Generalised Anxiety Disorder scores by 43%

Maassarani Group Practice and Care Merseyside reduce patient Generalised Anxiety Disorder scores by 43%

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Last year, Dr Maassarani & Partners practice and Care Merseyside launched a major social prescribing partnership with Elemental to support individuals through community-based programmes and services.

Recognising that people’s health is determined primarily by a range of social, economic and environmental factors, Dr Maassarani & Partners sought to support people’s needs in a holistic way through social prescribing. Care Merseyside encourage a culture of social prescribing and promote the ethos that ‘it’s everyone’s responsibility to make every connection count.’

The benefits of embedding digital

The practice and Care Merseyside also identified the benefits of embedding digital into their social prescribing programme via Elemental’s Core Platform, enabling them to:

Initiate referrals in under 60 seconds, freeing up GP time by sending referrals straight through to their hubs

Connect patient health risks to specific interventions and activities in their communities

Cross reference health journeys against specific and cohort health risks

Track patients health and wellbeing improvement journey

Help patients to better understand their health risks and track their health risk status using validated monitoring tools

Facilitate, track, and measure attendance rates of patients across multiple community based lifestyle intervention providers

Provide accurate epidemiological information to facilitate greater reporting between Government Departments, local authorities, private and third sector

Generates bookings with providers that are then integrated with their patients' personal calendar

Provide health care professionals with the ability to view the status of referrals at different stages

The ‘Summer Salad Recipe’ class at Knowsley College with some of Care Merseyside Low Carb Lifestyle participants

Activities aimed at improving physical and mental health

Using Elemental’s social prescribing platform which connects with all clinical system providers, GPs within the surgery have been connecting individuals into non-clinical sources of support to enhance their health and wellbeing, such as employment initiatives, debt advice, nutrition programmes, floristry and makeup classes via the Towerhill Community Centre social prescribing programme.
In partnership with Big Help Project and Knowsley Foodbank, the aim of the Towerhill Community Centre social prescribing programme is to significantly reduce pressure on GP services by supporting individuals to take greater control of their own health and well-being.

Floristry classes

Provided for those with mental health issues, these therapeutic classes allow participants to learn how to create flower arrangements and ‘bloom boxes’

“Elemental has provided us with a platform to present our findings with authority, encourage more partners to collaborate with us, allowed us as an organisation with a small number of staff to help provide a service to a large number of people and made it so easy for GPs and Clinicians to buy in to making a social prescription at a single click of a finger in consultation times.”

Cathy Connolly, CEO, Care Merseyside

Demonstrating Impact

Since beginning their partnership with Elemental, Care Merseyside have received over 400 referrals.

These initial numbers came from predominantly one practice within the Maassarani group but in 2019 the programme has extended training out to clinicians across 5 practices and also to all admin staff in the Maassarani Group.

Being able to track attendance and access baseline progress reports through the Elemental social prescribing platform allows Programme Leads at Care Merseyside to identify the impact that digital social prescribing is having on their patient’s physical and mental health.

Brenda from the latest Low Carb Group who’s HbA1c results have gone from from 44 to 42.

Brian’s HbA1c is down from 94 to 71 after just four weeks in the Low Carb Group

Leeann Monk-Ozgul, Co founder and Co-CEO of Elemental
“As soon as you meet anyone from the team at Care Merseyside or Maassarani and Partners Practice, you’re hit with this passion for people and their well-being. Cathy and Dr Faisall have been the driving force behind this project and have recruited a team of Link Workers, GPs and healthcare staff who are all equally committed to improving their patient’s lives through social prescribing. This project was always going to be a success, and we’re extremely proud to be the digital partner and have them as an example of the incredible benefits digital social prescribing can have for all stakeholders.”

Leeann Monk Ozgul, Co-CEO and Co-founder, Elemental Software


The team have reported a drop in scores on the GAD7 (Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment) from 23 in June 2018 to 13 in May 2019 which translates to a 43% reduction in feelings of Generalised Anxiety Disorder for participants.

The Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) is a seven item psychometric baseline questionnaire that is used to measure or assess the severity of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Scores are recorded within the Elemental social prescribing platform before, during and after an individual has entered into a social prescribing programme and is attending activities or interventions.

The number of referrals to Care Merseyside from July 2018 to July 2019

925 visits and 738 recurring visits from July 2018 to July 2019

Reasons for referral: 210 out of the 427 referrals fall under Social Support

An uptake of 52% engagement - 257 referrals have engaged in one or more social prescribing activities

“We have had numerous testimonials from across the board of how valuable accessing a social prescription has proved to be in helping people in their lives whether it be someone’s HBA1C level dropping after taking part in a low carb programme to someone being ready to return to work after getting some voluntary experience to someone just feeling part of the community again.”

Cathy Connolly, CEO, Care Merseyside

Why participants love the social prescribing programme

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We can help

We know that every social prescribing programme is different as it responds to the needs of each unique community and some communities are at different stages in their social prescribing journeys.

Depending upon where you are with your social prescribing project, we can help you;

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Overcome challenges or barriers for social prescribing

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More than just a platform

Our team has helped over 100 organisations shape and deliver their approach to social prescribing across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Middle East and soon to be Finland.

We were selected to help the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, develop his vision for social prescribing in London. 

Some of the team who will be supporting you in your quest to mainstream social prescribing are listed below:


Jennifer Neff


Jennifer has over 17 year’s experience in extensive engagement and consultation with vibrant and diverse stakeholder groups drawn. Her work has informed strategies for renewal – economic, physical and social, building stronger and more vibrant communities.


Leeann Monk


Leeann has over 15 years experience in community development & health, engaging and activating the hardly reached across areas of disadvantage in particular families, older people at risk of isolation, carers and children at risk of or suffering from obesity.


Clare Cooper

Project Manager

Clare has held a number of roles in community health improvement aiming to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and well-being of the community.

enhanced social prescribing

Denise Dillon

Head of Projects

Over 16 years experience working within the community and voluntary sector, working in community development, mental health, training and project management working with some of the most marginalised communities in Northern Ireland.


Phil Veasey

Community Partner

Phil has a strong background in scaling high impact, sustainable strategies and programmes in local communities including ‘Sportivate’ – a major Olympic Legacy Programme and The National Mini Tennis Programme, now the way children are introduced to the sport globally.


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