Social Prescribing for Local Authorities

Connecting the front-line

And supporting Local Government with the impact of Covid-19

Working in partnership with

local authority social prescribing

Our digital platform is helping to bridge the gap between health, housing, community and voluntary and local government during COVID-19 and beyond.

We know that during these unprecedented times, there is greater emphasis from Public Health England on preventative health, self-care and community support.

We can help you identify, connect and support those who are most vulnerable and socially isolated so that you can track, measure and report on the impact of your support services.

Connect and measure the uptake and impact of connections to:

Befriending Services

Online Resources

Grocery Collections

Pharmacy Delivery

Local Food Banks

Using Elemental’s award-winning digital platform, you can improve and protect social care and physical and mental health for your population by:

  • Providing interoperability with systems in health, housing and the VCSE meaning you can make, manage and report on referrals for your citizens and the impact and uptake of all council funded services

  • Giving you and all council service providers, NHS, housing and VCSE organisation access to a centrally updated live and interactive Directory of Services for your region

  • Using Elemental as a CRM system for community support, social care and population health community asset management

  • Powering your Participation Strategy and increasing, tracking and measuring community encouragement

  • Focusing on mental health services, identify hotspots and service provision gaps

  • Empowering communities to enhance and manage their own health improvement journeys through self referral pathways and co-produced personalised care plans

  • Strengthening community support and help to build VCSE sector capacity


In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Tandridge District Council had to quickly adapt their Wellbeing Prescription Service, which has now been operating remotely for over 3 weeks.

A lot of the services Tandridge would usually signpost clients to have temporarily closed, so to ensure they can continue to offer a high level of support, they have utilised Elemental’s social prescribing platform.

Elemental has allowed the council to quickly collate a category of support specifically related to COVID-19 which allows their advisors to easily browse the support on offer in the client’s local area or online and signpost them to services such as:

  • A local mutual aid group that can offer prescription or food parcel delivery
  • A telephone befriending service
  • NHS IAPT telephone
  • Online therapies – how to remain active at home
“Elemental has enabled Wellbeing Prescription to make a seamless transition from face to face to telephone support. Elemental has allowed us to keep track of the ever-increasing list of COVID-19 specific services as well as ensuring we can accurately record the support we are offering while demonstrating how our service has benefited the local community.”

Nicola Boreham, Wellbeing Prescription Manager, Tandridge District Council