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Webinar Recording: The benefits of Social Prescribing in Housing

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How housing associations can build healthy communities and reduce health inequalities through social prescribing

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As part of their commitment to delivering their Community Impact Strategy, ForHousing embraced the concept of social prescribing. Using Elemental’s Core platform, housing officers and neighbourhood coaches can now connect local residents to sources of non-clinical support in their communities, from cooking classes and exercise programmes to employment support and debt advice.


Social prescribing has proven as a successful method of supporting tenants to maintain successful tenancies, build healthy, thriving communities and reduce health inequalities across their neighbourhoods and a way to put people in control of their pathways.

Join our host, ForHousing Wellbeing Lead for Cheshire West, Toria Buzza, and Elemental Co-founders Jennifer Neff and Leeann Monk Ozgul as we:

Establish where you are, what level of social prescribing you’re offering and how to get started if you’re not currently offering a programme.

Join the dots between health and housing through social prescribing and how to overcome challenges like engagement when dealing with tenants who are in a level of crisis

Demonstrate how social prescribing can benefit tenants and improve their lives. From birth to death, why housing associations need to become national coordinators

Presented by…

toria buzza housing

Host - Toria Buzza, Wellbeing Lead, Cheshire East, ForHousing

Toria is a regeneration and partnerships professional with a wealth of experience in creating and nurturing partnerships to develop and deliver towards common goals. She's passionate about social justice, place making and doing what she can to make the world a little bit nicer to live in. She is established in project and programme management, partnership creation, collaboration, funding and event management.

Co-presenter - Jennifer Neff, Co Founder of Elemental Software

Jennifer has more than 16 years’ experience in managing public/ private and voluntary, community and social enterprise sector partnerships. She led the delivery of community programmes across employability, digital skills and Active City, Age Friendly and Early Intervention.

Co-presenter - Leeann Monk-Ozgul, Co Founder of Elemental Software

Leeann has a long established track record in the community and voluntary sector engaging, activating and supporting our most disadvantaged communities towards better health outcomes. Reducing health inequalities is her passion. Leeann helped establish and manage a Health Living Centre for 15 years in a in Derry City, N.Ireland.