A guide to Social Prescribing for Primary Care Networks

Ebook | A guide to Social Prescribing for Primary Care Networks

How Primary Care Networks can bring care closer to the community through social prescribing

By now, you should have already submitted your Network Agreement which outlines the governance, structure, roles and responsibilities for each practice in your newly formed Primary Care Network.

The next steps include discussing how your PCN is going to operate and how each practice is going to help undertake the criteria set out in the DES (Directed Enhanced Service). Your Network will also have to set objectives in preparation for service delivery and maintenance, focusing on developing expanded practice-based and connected teams to deliver the provision of workload and support your member practices.

In this ebook we uncover:

How social prescribing can support PCNs to deliver on the following service specifications: anticipatory care (with community services), personalised care, tackling inequalities

How PCNs can strengthen their footprint around which integrated community-based teams will develop

Where digital fits in and how it supports the successful delivery of service specifications and PCN objectives

How PCNs can take a proactive approach to managing population health through social prescribing and tackle the wider health needs of their local populations

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