y dref werdd

Elemental chosen as digital social prescribing partner for Y Dref Werdd VCSE to evidence impact for sustainability

Elemental Software is delighted to be chosen as the digital social prescribing partner to Y Dref Werdd who are a social enterprise funded by the National Lottery working to benefit the local environment and community in the Vale of Ffestiniog. Y Dref Werdd is an environmental community project that was first established as a project through the Communities First programme back in 2006. The project is split into 34 parts including energy, food waste, environmental and skills.

Their primary driver is to be able to demonstrate the work that they do through reporting and securing future additional funding from the Regional Investment Fund. Y Dref Werdd will offer a service for individuals who strive against mental health problems to improve their health and well-being by spending time in the fresh air or referring them to similar services which offer fresh air therapy.

Rhian Williams, Wellbeing Project Worker, Y Dref Werdd VCSE

“Here at the Dref Werdd we are excited to be working with Elemental so that we can strengthen the way we reach different partners, and that we will have an efficient way of saving data, and reporting on our interventions. Being able to prove that the work we do with green prescribing, will be reported efficiently.”


We have been working and supporting Y Dref Werdd since they created Covid support hubs which have now expanded and morphed into Community hubs. We have worked with them to establish a multi-partnership approach offering extra support to provide information on food banks, budgeting and paying utility bills. We are thrilled we are helping them expand 6 of the original hubs into more communities and we look forward to seeing how they progress further.

Jennifer Neff, MD and Co-Founder of Elemental Software

“We are thrilled at Elemental that Y Dref Werdd are  now using Elemental to further strengthen and develop their community project with us. Their greener approach to social prescribing excites us and we cannot wait to see what they achieve when working with us. This newly and updated partnership will allow them to be able to report on a number of interventions and to track their evidence for greener social prescribing more effectively.”


Working with us will allow Y Dref Werdd to strengthen relationships with other organsations and agencies they work with to improve their outcomes. At Elemental we are delighted to be able involved in Y Dref Werdd’s continuous progress. For more information on what we can offer and achieve to improve social prescribing projects discover our digital tools and the positive impact they have on our customers.