Elemental Careers: Kealan Toland, Software Developer

Next in our Elemental Careers interview series we have Kealan Toland, a Software Developer in our Development Team.

If you like the sound of this role, we are also currently on the lookout for an additional Software Developer to join Kealan and the rest of the team. Find out more and apply here.


How long have you been working at Elemental?

Since September 2021, about 9 months now.


Why is it so important to develop your personal and professional skills?

Personal skills such as organisation, time-management and communication are vital to effectively work alongside team members. The necessary professional and technical skills needed to perform the low-level tasks of the job are constantly being improved through learning tools and updating practices. Equally your personal skills should grow in the same manner to efficiently collaborate with others and help you overcome weaknesses in your own work.


How has Elemental helped you in your career development?

Elemental has helped me to develop my career as a software developer through paired programming with senior developers, exposure to a variety of elements within the systems and across the business, and targeted training for technology and tooling required.


What drew you to Elemental?

Primarily I wanted to help out locally and if possible for either a start-up or a tech-for-good organisation and Elemental ticks all the boxes.


What have you gained from working at Elemental?

Within the development team, I have gained full stack software engineer experience including design specifications, database management, feature development code, infrastructure & deployment, testing & QA. In addition, receiving input from the sales and implementation teams, and working closely with the product team has helped me to see various aspects of the business encompassed in complete product cycles.


What is the favourite part about working for Elemental?

Social Prescribing is something I fully believe in, and the team at Elemental all share that same belief and drive to genuinely help people as best we can.


What is your proudest moment at Elemental?

Within Elemental we have a Penny Award internally for going above and beyond, voted for anonymously and I felt recognition of my efforts to receive this only a few months into joining the team.


What are your hopes for the future?

I am working towards gaining the experience and skills needed to become a senior developer in order help people more effectively.


Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?

We have a great and varied development team working from places like Dubai and El Salvador. I have been able to work particularly closely with Ken Ishimoto, the author of the TreasureBoat framework, to improve our systems as well as my own approach to development.


What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

Developing monitoring tools used by real people to help them measure change in their life.


What sets Elemental apart as an employer?

Elemental aims to bring effective social care and services to those most in need, but by empowering the local communities and connecting people they can ensure they have access to the contacts and care necessary for even the most vulnerable.


Who do you look up to for inspiration or leadership?

Every member of the team at Elemental brings their own unique and valuable set of skills. Personally I seek leadership direction from Dean, our Development Team Lead; Denise, our Head of Product; and Leanne, our Co-Founder and Operations Director.


Which projects from the past year are you most proud of?

I was part of the project to integrate the CHI number, typically used by clients in Scotland, within the Elemental platform, in addition to the NHS number used elsewhere in the UK. This helps to connect people to the available services, including CHI number specific clinical services if appropriate, as well as speeding up referral management and reducing potential errors to help streamline the process for all communities.


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