Ulster University – InspireD choose Elemental as their digital social prescribing partner for the InspireD app 

Elemental Software has partnered with Ulster University – InspireD to aid in the development of the InspireD application to create a digital signpost to direct existing Elemental users to the InspireD app.

The InspireD app is designed to store memorabilia (photographs/music/video) which can then be used to share memories about past experiences and important life events. Users can also add typed or voice notes to photographs, sounds and video so that family, friends, and carers understand why a particular memory is special. Using the app can prompt conversations and connections as people begin to tell stories never told or hear stories never heard. The InspireD app has been co-designed with two local charities, the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia NI. 

The development of the InspireD app builds on previous research by Ulster University which showed that reminiscence improved mood, wellbeing, quality of life and relationships for people living with dementia. People living with dementia who have problems with their short-term memory often find it easier to remember things about their past. Reminiscence draws on this strength by supporting people to share their life experiences, memories, and stories and in doing so to maintain or build connections with other people. 

The InspireD reminiscence app has been freely available on the Apple app store, Google Play stores, and in the HSC Apps4Dementia library since March 2021. To find out more about the app please visit: 

The InspireD team have engaged with user feedback and feel that a health and social care referral pathway could be a supportive mechanism for individuals at a particular stage within the journey of dementia. This potentially may offer more reassurance and confidence to engage with the app and the benefits it can offer.  

Professor Assumpta Ryan, Professor of Ageing and Health at Ulster University and InspireD Project Lead

“Ulster University’s collaboration with Elemental has the potential to provide mainstream health and social care providers throughout the UK with direct access to the InspireD app. This in turn can improve quality of life and wellbeing for people living with dementia and their carers and generate impact of reach and significance that would otherwise not have been possible.”

InspireD Team

“The InspireD team is very excited to be developing this novel partnership with Elemental through the development of the InspireD hub. Dr Claire McCauley believes that “while there will be learning for both partners, the partnership offers people living with dementia and their carers another vital route of engagement with the InspireD app and the benefits it can offer”.

The links with the InspireD team and Elemental are very much rooted in a broader connection to Ulster University with InspireD’s Professor Maurice Mulvenna championing Elemental’s early work. Dr Claire McCauley and Professor Assumpta Ryan first heard of Elemental’s work when they gave a presentation in the Year two School of Nursing Public Health module. Elemental’s vision of a more holistic approach to healthcare is closely aligned with the InspireD app through its strengths-based approach by supporting people living with dementia to share their life experiences, memories, and stories and in doing so, to maintain and build relationships with others.” 

Jennifer Neff, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Elemental Software

“We are delighted that Ulster University has chosen to partner with Elemental on this project. The InspireD reminiscence app is a great example of providing a more holistic and accessible approach to healthcare. Elemental will help enhance this access further and make it easier for carers and patients to engage with the app. We look forward to working together and helping the app grow further.”


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