2021 Round-Up

As 2021 draws to a close, we take a look back at an extremely impactful year for Elemental, our customers, and the social prescribing movement. We share with you how our team has continued to help health care professionals make and manage referrals, stabilise services, and support social prescribing link workers to connect those most in need into community-led personalised care programmes.

140,000 people accessing social prescribing

There are over 15,500 health and social care professionals making and managing referrals via Elemental which is enabling 2,775 social prescribing link workers to connect almost 145,000 individuals into personalised social prescribing care within their communities. 

There have been almost 710,000 visits to interventions provided by VCSE providers receiving referrals from social prescribers and link workers via Elemental.

This year, we have welcomed 30 new customers to our growing network that’s expanding day by day as prospects experience Elemental’s services and the impact digital has in the community.

The largest social prescribing network in the UK and Ireland

Elemental is the digital social prescribing platform of choice across the UK and Ireland as 120 PCNs, 470 GP practices, 55CCGs, Local Councils, and Housing Associations, 16 Educational Institutions and over 50 VCSE organisations are evaluating the impact of social prescribing via our digital platform. 

This year, we have welcomed over 2,000 new followers to our social channels and our content has reached over 375,000 people.  We’re proud to champion social prescribing and scale the social presence through sharing best practice as our knowledge and insights have enabled people to learn about the benefits of enhancing social prescribing programmes.

Experts on social prescribing trends, models and approaches

We’re delighted to say that members of our team have championed social prescribing throughout 2021 by speaking or presenting at 24 events and publications including DigiLeaders 100, KMPG Healthcare Insights, TechNation Report 2021, the Labour Party Conference, Visit to Number 10, Taoiseach’s office, Rising Star Awards, ICESE, the Golden Bridges Awards, and many more.

Our Elemental customers have also had an amazing and rewarding year as many have been nominated for and won awards in the annual Social Prescribing Network Conference, and the National Association of Link Worker Awards (Just to name a few – Warm Wales, Merton Connected, Enable CIC, Care Merseyside, and SPRING Social Prescribing)

Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do

In November 2021, we sent a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) to our customers to gauge levels of satisfaction around our products, services, and team. We’re delighted to share with you that our industry-leading customer satisfaction results – 2021 NET Promoter Score is +41 and our 2021 Customer Relationship Quality score is 5.6.

Measuring customer satisfaction helps us identify what is working well and highlights areas of improvement moving forward which is why our 2021 customer renewal rate is 95%.

We value our customers and continue as a team to improve our delivery to ensure they have the best possible service

We had the absolute pleasure of getting out and about to see our happy customers at Mental Health Concern, Age UK Barnet, Poplar HARCA Housing, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, The Life Rooms, Care Merseyside, The Big Help Project, and Merton Connected. We also loved having some of our customers visit us at Derry HQ!

Generating the most data about the uptake and impact of social prescribing

2021 has seen us maintain our place as helping to generate the most representative data for the social prescribing model of care. 

From the COVID 19 pandemic, our statistics from our reporting module prove that the demand for digital is increasing significantly and there is a high demand for social support and social prescribing both locally and regionally.

At Elemental, we continue to help regions get ahead of the COVID crisis as we support VCSE organisations stabilise services and help health and social care professionals strengthen relationships with social prescribing providers. This has enabled social prescribing link workers to connect people to community-led personalised care to improve population health and wellbeing.

Developing new Elemental products

At Elemental, we’re always striving to invest in innovation around social prescribing to ensure our customers have the best digital experience. This year, we have co-designed Elemental Analytics and Elemental Population Plus for market to transform how social prescribing is commissioned and measured. We’re excited to launch our new products in early 2022!

We have also enhanced our Elemental Connector which is enabling 120 PCNs and 470 GP practices to push and pull data on patient referrals made via EMIS Web, Vision, and SystmOne.

We are committed to tailoring our digital social prescribing platform to meet the needs of our customers which enables bespoke reports to customer KPIs, bulk uploading, enhanced email features, and additional filters to improve interventions.

More fun initiatives for staff

As a company, CSR is important to us to sustain development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to enhance wellbeing. To boost employee engagement, this year, we have formed an Elemental Social Club, an Elemental Book Club, fundraised for Sands Charity, launched our first ever Elemental Sports Day, introduced staff surveys that led us to more social events in general, and health checks.

We continue to recognise the hard work and dedication of employees through our monthly Penny Awards that are peer-led and give the team the opportunity to vote for who they feel went the extra mile each month.

Inspiring the next generation

The recruitment drive is higher than ever as 2021 has seen us create new roles that we never had before and welcome 12 new employees to Elemental! We have given staff many opportunities for staff to enhance their professional skills through work shadowing, training, and with this, there has been lots of shared learning and promotions within the team.

Although visits and face-to-face events have been minimal due to covid restrictions, our team has focused on inspiring the next generation of tech for good leaders through webinars, virtual events, and in some cases, workshops.

We’re confident that 2022 is going to bring even more opportunities for social prescribing because of collaborative innovation, shared learning, and best practice, we are all doing together.

On behalf of the entire team here at Elemental, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!