Cranbrook Primary Care Network is the latest PCN to partner with Elemental Software

Cranbrook Primary Care Network has partnered with Elemental to strengthen collaboration, connect services, support communities, and empower individuals through social prescribing.  

Adopting Elemental’s digital platform will enable Cranbrook Primary Care Network to directly measure and evaluate the impact community-based social prescribing programmes have on individual health and wellbeing.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are groups of GP practices which work together with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas. PCNs build on existing primary care services and enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care for people close to home.

Over one in ten PCNs in England are now using Elemental in their social prescribing programmes, with Cranbrook PCN being the latest to join.

The aim of this project is to introduce and implement the Elemental platform into Cranbrook PCN and to create uniformity across the PCN in terms of how social prescribing referrals are documented and processed. The overall aim is for the PCN, the social prescriber and service provider to be able to collaborate through the Elemental platform. Elemental will also provide data on the social prescribing patients to demonstrate the impact of the social prescribing service in the community.

Until now, the management of referrals was carried out through various systems, emails, calendars, and large excel and history sheets for every social prescribing patient. This was a very manual process and took up a lot of administration time. The adoption of Elemental’s Platform will enable an end-to-end system for all referrers, service providers, link workers and new personalised care team members to communicate, manage, monitor and report on interventions. This will significantly help to facilitate more joined up partnership working. 

Cranbrook PCN recognises the need of having a secure digital platform that fully integrates with current GP systems to facilitate data sharing.


Cranbrook PCN aims to:

  • Improve the referral process in their PCN.
  • Better audit referral numbers, progress and interventions.
  • Gather data on their social prescribing patients to understand and support the impact they have in their community.
  • Create stronger communication channels, partnerships and collaborative working within the PCN, local services and organisations.


Tara Humphreys, PCN Manager, Cranbrook PCN

“I cannot wait to have everything I need in one place!

To be able to receive referrals, manage appointments, carry out assessments, choose different tools, create a directory of services that link in with our PCN to provide direct feedback and progress on each patient’s journey to well-being. I am also excited to easily create reports that showcase the impact of our service in the community… the list is never-ending!

Elemental is the tool that takes us one step closer to our team, our community and well-being for all.”

Jennifer Neff, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Elemental Software

“I am delighted to announce that Cranbrook PCN will be joining Elemental. Our digital social prescribing platform will provide them with everything they need to further enhance the referral process and enable greater communication between the partners. It will also provide Cranbrook PCN with the data needed to understand the impact of social prescribing on their community.”


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