Mental Health Concern partner with Elemental to enhance their services and develop a greater understanding of the impact and outcomes of their social prescribing programme

Mental Health Concern is now live with Elemental across 16 Hubs, 4 of which are Newcastle-based Primary Care Networks. The step will help Mental Health Concern to further support and empower the communities they serve so that people facing challenges get the facts and support they need for self-care and self-management whilst better connecting into their local community.


Mental Health Concern is a charity located in the North East of England and provides a wide range of specialist mental health services, which are predominantly commissioned by the NHS and local authorities. As well as 24-hour dementia care, supported housing, and 24-hour nursing care, they provide a number of social prescribing services.

Through these services they help over 1,000 people each year to get back into work, education, or to increase meaningful activity. They help people to rebuild their social support networks and develop friendships. They also help them to navigate through the sometimes complex health and social care system, using their knowledge of the support and services available.

Mental Health Concern’s social prescribing services support people with a wide variety of needs from social isolation and anxiety to long-term health conditions and unemployment, delivered in a range of settings. They are also the lead partner for services that they deliver with other organisations.


Mental Health Concern’s services are more in demand than ever. In order to cater for the increase in the delivery of their services, the organisation needed an innovative and integrated digital platform that would support their growing network of staff and partners to carry out their work, increase efficiency and enhance the level of reporting that the organisation could provide for itself, it’s funders and the communities it serves.

Mental Health Concern were using their own custom-built system. Their experienced team have made the best use of the software but found challenges in adapting it to their social prescribing model. This included issues such as not having a central system where they could record service user information and reporting on the outcomes of both theirs and their partner’s services. They also want to improve their reporting capabilities to evidence the impact of their work.


  • To have a comprehensive recording system so they can report on and evidence the real-life impacts of the mental health and wellbeing support provided.
  • To have a central system to record client information.
  • To have a central location through which both Mental Health Concern and their partner’s services can be accessed.

Elemental’s digital social prescribing platform will enable Mental Health Concern to achieve these objectives. It will provide them with a single platform on which to keep client records and health measurements, their directory of services and carry out analysis and reporting that will enable them to better demonstrate the full impact of their services on their community.

Julia Perry, Head of Community and Wellbeing Services, Mental Health Concern

“We chose Elemental because it has a proven track record and is trusted in the health and social care system. We know from our years of working with service users across the North East that the support our link workers provide is life-changing. Now, thanks to our partnership with Elemental, we have a better way of demonstrating those outcomes. This is a great step forward for our services.”


“We are delighted that Mental Health Concern chose to partner with Elemental. They are a very experienced provider of community mental health and social prescribing services and have a huge impact on the lives of the community they serve. We are looking forward to working with them and helping them track and report on the outcomes of their various services including mental health services, dementia care, supported housing, nursing care and other services.”

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