Wound and Lymphoedema aftercare specialists, Accelerate, embed digital social prescribing software in a bid to enhance how they support their patients holistically and report back on the impacts

Accelerate is a London-based organisation that develops and increases access to world-class treatments and thinking in chronic wound and Lymphoedema care for patients dealing with long-term conditions that impact their daily lives. Accelerate understands that living with a complex wound, debilitating swelling or limited mobility changes the way an individual experiences the world around them. They work with their patients to better enable them to manage their health issues going forward in often life-changing ways.

Accelerate recognises that the needs and wellbeing of their patients does not end at the physical medical treatments they provide. There are many aspects that contribute to the long term wellbeing of their patients and by providing further resources they can take a more holistic approach to their care and quality of life.

Self-management and early intervention are crucial aspects in the success of Accelerate’s work. Through engaging with people early on in their diagnosis and developing an understanding of the individual’s goals and challenges, they are able to teach them the principles of self-management and greatly reduce their reliance on medical professionals. This is empowering individuals to take control of their health.


A key reason why Accelerate chose to partner with Elemental was so that they could track and analyse the impact their social prescribing programme has on the care and overall wellbeing of their patients. Through the Elemental platform they will be able to assess and record the patient’s needs and follow their progress through the assigned interventions to the conclusion of their treatment and reassessment. This will enable them to evidence the full impact on the programme and provide the case for its extension.

City and Hackney CCG will be the first location for Accelerate’s Elemental hub and will serve as a pilot, with plans for further roll out of the platform this year.


“Accelerate has long been committed to the role of the patient in the successful management of their care and condition. We believe this partnership with Elemental and the patients we serve takes us on the next stage of our journey with our patients. Not only does this approach recognise the importance of the individual in coming to terms with how to manage their personal health it also meets the needs of the changing health and social care environment as we move to the 21st century approach to population health management. We are excited to start on this journey with Elemental.”


“We are delighted to be partnering with Accelerate to not only help enhance the great work they are doing in wound and lymphoedema care, but also allow them to strengthen connections with community providers and better report on and evidence the impacts that their support has on patients. Accelerate’s work has a massive impact on the lives of their patients, in helping them manage their long term health conditions and enabling them to live fulfilling lives and we feel that our digital social prescribing platform will further boost the effectiveness of their programme and empower patients in the long term.”

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