Holgate Primary Care Network (PCN) partner with Elemental to enhance their social prescribing and population health programmes

Holgate PCN has partnered with Elemental, in a bid to improve efficiencies in their Population Health Management programme and enhance the effectiveness of cross sector, multidisciplinary teams, on project based work. 

Part of Tees Valley CCG, Holgate Primary Care Network (PCN) wanted to better understand the impacts of their Population Health Programmes. Thanks to partnering with Elemental, they can now work with Social Prescribing Link Workers and health professionals to make, manage, track, measure and report on impacts via their social prescribing platform and extensive built-in reporting suite. 


“We are delighted to have Holgate Primary Care Network (PCN)  onboard and ready to use Elemental as part of their Population Health Management programme. Elemental will help to enhance existing programmes and provide Holgate Primary Care Network (PCN)  with the digital connectivity they need to improve partnership working, analysis and reporting. We’re excited to see the impacts from this fantastic collaborative approach to population health through social prescribing.”

Through Elemental, reports such as source and types of referrals, reasons for referrals, percentage uptake for social prescriptions, types of activities prescribed and Health Impact reports will all be readily available at the click of a button.

These reports will provide clarity on programme impacts and will enable Holgate Primary Care Network  to have a better understanding of the effectiveness of their Population Health Programmes as well as the ability to identify gaps and trends.


“I am delighted to have Elemental onboard as part of our armoury in implementing population health management interventions and social prescribing. Holgate PCN are striving to work collaboratively with the entire health, social and voluntary care sector as one community, to provide truly patient centred, effective, efficient healthcare. We hope to play our part in developing a resilient, happy and healthy community. The Elemental platform provides a way for us all to connect, to evidence our interventions, and identify need, all with the patient at the centre.”

Elemental’s digital social prescribing platform will also allow for improved multi-sector partnership working which is central to the project. Elemental has been designed to support the strategy of and practice of self care and independence and means health professionals, Social Prescribing Link Workers and community providers can:

Connect patients to suitable social prescribing programmes in their communities more effectively via our EMIS connector within EMIS Web

Evaluate the impact of a referral for an individual or across a community cohort

Contribute to achieving public health objectives

Strengthen partnerships between PCNs, VCSE organisations and Adult Social Care

Reduce avoidable GP appointments, saving time, cost and resources

Easily manage everything from within our Core social prescribing platform, meaning a seamless and simplified user journey

Report on and evidence impact and uptake

To find out how Elemental can help your social prescribing programme, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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