Scaling of Social Prescribing continues in Ireland as Fatima Groups United digitise their D8 Social Prescribing programme using Elemental Software

The Fatima Groups United Family Resource Centre is the representative body of residents and projects in Fatima/Herberton, based in the F2 Centre, Rialto, Dublin 8.

Fatima Groups United was established in 1995 by a group of local residents in response to the chronic social problems at Fatima Mansions at the time. The Family Resource Centre (FRC) went on to lead the physical and social regeneration of the area and now manages the F2 Community Centre and is a driving force behind the F2 Social Enterprise Board.   The group is committed to supporting and representing the needs and views of the community many of whom experience disadvantage. 

The FRC project operates from community development principles providing key services in the areas of health and wellbeing, education, employment, arts, childcare, counselling supports, information and advice, family support and advocacy, civic awareness and community development. 

The Centre operates various programmes such as homework clubs, fitness classes, food banks, day care centres and community employment to support people to get back into work. The key focus is on regenerating hope for the people of their community and providing them with the support they need to achieve their aspirations. 



Economic challenges, high youth unemployment and anti-social behaviour are still prevalent in the area.  Despite the challenges, the FRC responds to the needs of the community and aims to deliver an effective, sustainable plan that protects the many improvements made in the community over the years.  

The Family Resource Centre had previously been using SalesForce as a tool to make onward referrals into various programmes. However, the system has not met their needs in terms of keeping track of these referrals or in measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of the programmes.


In order to address the health inequalities experienced in Fatima a community health response was begun in 2003.  The community health work grew and developed a wide range of community based health programmes.  In addition the community health work reached out to the statutory health providers – primary care team, GPs, St James Hospital in order to ensure equality of access to a holistic health response.   In 2017 Fatima Groups United started the Dublin 8 Social Prescribing Service for Adults and began to receive referrals from GPs, South Dublin Mental Health Services, St James Hospital.  In 2020 Fatima Groups United started the Family Social Prescribing Service, the first in Ireland to provide a similar service to children, young people and their parents/guardians.


Elemental’s digital social prescribing platform will enable Fatima Groups United FRC to roll out the D8 Social Prescribing programme that will provide the support needed to their community. 

In partnering with Elemental, The Family Resource Centre will be able to keep track of how many referrals are made, the reasons for the referral, the social prescription that has been made and the success of the prescription based on the individual’s measurements. 

Thanks to Elemental’s intuitive and accessible, in-built reporting suite, Fatima Groups United can measure the impact and effectiveness of their social prescribing service and allow Programme Managers to easily drill down and report on any data point within the platform. This will help evidence their work in seeking funding and will enable all stakeholders to keep track of progress of the programme.


“We are looking forward to using the Elemental Software platform to support the social prescribing project.  This will ensure that the work we do can be reflected accurately in reports and support us to work more effectively.”


“We are delighted to partner with The Fatima Groups United Family Resource Centre to help them enhance the delivery of their social prescribing programme. We know how important it is to demonstrate the benefits and impacts of social prescribing services and we’re delighted to be able to provide the tools needed for effective management and measurement of social prescribing in Ireland. The Family Resource Centre has long been established within the community and plays a vital role in reducing inequalities.”

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