How Social Prescribing has revolutionised the way Ingeus provides employment support to job seekers


In September 2020, Ingeus became the first UK employment support provider to offer a social prescribing service to local job seekers in Greater Manchester through Elemental’s digital social prescribing platform.

Ingeus has been providing support through the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) which provides tailored support to individuals with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking work. The programme is commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and receives support from the European Social Fund.


Ingeus wanted to provide a more personalised and holistic service to their participants through providing access to a range of partner organisations, agencies and charities in Greater Manchester. They aimed to bring these services together through Elemental’s digital social prescribing platform to provide a better integration of services for people in their local neighbourhoods.

They wanted to create a platform through which providers in the community could join them in offering the best possible service to their programme participants. Through this they would then be able to book clients directly into relevant interventions with partners and encourage them to attend these appointments. They identified that their more vulnerable participants would be more likely to attend if they had an appointment booked and someone waiting for them. 

There was also the challenge in bringing a new system into a large organisation and onboarding employees that would be using the system. Key to this was the understanding and adoption of the processes and technology by the Ingeus employees.


“Ingeus is  proud to be the first employment support provider in the UK to use the Elemental platform.  It enables Employment Coaches to refer our participants quickly and directly to a huge range of services and interventions that will support them on their personalised journey towards employment.  The platform also allows our partners across Greater Manchester to share their provision with us in a far easier and more efficient way then we have had before, leading to increased attendance and a more integrated partnership.”


Elemental’s user-friendly and intuitive platform makes it easy for the Employment Coaches to become familiar with the digital social prescribing process. Bespoke guides were created for each type of user depending on their role and the functionality they would be using. Project leads distributed these to the relevant staff members with new users receiving their guides after the completion of training. These training sessions were completed in one hour, introducing them to the parts of the system they would be using.

The Elemental Academy is used to carry out the online training. The academy is designed to help new users to develop knowledge and skills of using the platform via demos, e-learning modules, quizzes and videos. 

Through this, Ingeus has continued to successfully induct staff into the Elemental platform via the Elemental Academy. As part of a blended training approach, staff were also given live online training with Elemental Customer Success Executives.


“As an Ingeus staff member I have found the Elemental system really easy to use and the step-by-step guides have made it very easy to understand as well as the support from our local Integration Co-ordinator. Most of the services I need for my clients are now on Elemental and more are added each week. It’s a one stop shop for everything from booking appointments for participants to receiving interview clothes, and to booking IT courses with training providers.  I can only see this system getting better and better as more partners are added. It is a great tool for Ingeus colleagues and long may it continue.”


Ingeus has successfully added Partner services to the Elemental systems, more and more of their Employment Coaches  are using the system. This has enabled them to keep better track of their referrals and the progress of their clients through community interventions. 

The journey for their clients now follows the below, tracking their progress through each stage. 

There have been 491 referrals made through the platform from September 2020 to March 2021. Out of these referrals, 46 were referred on to the Standguide Hub, a partner that specialises in self-employment advice through the JETS programme. JETS is a programme that provides light touch, personalised employment support for 6 months. 

Ingeus 1

Below are the top reasons for specific interventions on the journey towards work in addition to unemployment as all are working with their Working Well advisors to address employment. As can be seen, 51% are concerned with their Personal Development and are seeking services related to this.

The Bolton Hub has made the highest number of referrals to date with 114. In only 6 months, there have been 432 prescriptions made through Working Well in the Greater Manchester region to date.

The adoption of digital social prescribing at Ingeus has continued to increase over the past few months, increasing from 3 referrals made in December 2020 to 337 made in March 2021. Ingeus’ digital social prescribing activity is growing and they are providing a more holistic approach to assisting their clients successfully re-enter the world of work.

Ingeus has revolutionised job-seeker support by introducing digital social prescribing to their participants to streamline referrals in the community. Not only are they able to refer job-seekers into services local to them, but they can also use Elemental’s extensive reporting suite to measure the effectiveness of their social prescribing programme, as well as identify trends and gaps e.g. reasons for referral.

Ingeus has recently been awarded two new contracts to deliver the government’s Restart scheme to more than 260,000 people in Greater Manchester and Central & West London. The Restart scheme provides Universal Credit claimants who have been out of work for at least 12 months enhanced support to find jobs in their local area. It is part of the government’s Plan for Jobs to help the millions of workers impacted by Covid-19 across the UK.


“Restart is a significant contract award for Ingeus and allows us to widen our employability services to help more people find meaningful, lasting work, providing the extra support they need during these difficult times. The award of two contracts further establishes Ingeus UK as an industry leader in employability services, reaffirming our successful model for working collaboratively with customers and communities to embed local, personalised services which enable better lives and help businesses thrive with talented workforces. Our team have worked incredibly hard to get to this point; and we all look forward to working with the other Prime providers, our partners and colleagues as part of the collective effort to deliver the government’s Plan for Jobs”.

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