Elemental and University of Salford awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funded by Innovate UK

The University of Salford has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), in collaboration with Elemental Software. A KTP is a part government-funded project designed to encourage collaboration between universities and businesses. 

The University of Salford and Elemental aim to use the KTP to develop evidence for the impact of social prescribing on the health of communities. In order to provide greater evidence of the impact, further analysis is required to generate models from the data gathered through Elemental’s social prescribing platform. 

The project’s aim is to embed capability and knowledge to support the development of a Social Prescribing Population Health Management Module, expanding Elemental Software’s analytical functionality, improving data integration and interpretation to generate robust evidence for community models of care.

The capability and knowledge embedded through this KTP will ensure the delivery of social prescribing programmes are targeted and driven by data analysis and data outcomes to support the reduction of health inequalities.

Elemental’s main aim is to reduce health inequalities by providing various organisations with the digital tools needed to manage, track and report on their social prescribing programmes.


“Elemental Software are delighted to be awarded funding by Innovate UK to collaborate with academics at University of Salford on this opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming a KTP associate into the company who will support us to embed knowledge and capability into the analytical function of the platform to further build the business case for social prescribing.” 


In order to provide the level of data analysis required and to manage the project effectively, a new role is being created for a Business Analyst (KTP Associate). The role will be based in Elemental’s office in Derry, N. Ireland and will involve working with the senior team at Elemental and an academic team from University of Salford, being the Project Manager throughout the 18-month project.  

During that time, the Business Analyst will employ analytics and modelling techniques to generate quantifiable, predictive and proactive community development models of care. 

The role offers the opportunity to apply analytical skills at a strategic level within a growing tech-for-good company with the support of an experienced academic team from University of Salford. There is an opportunity to have a real impact on the company at a key time and to enhance social prescribing’s position as a pathway to reducing health inequalities. 

If you think you would be a good fit for the role and would like to find out more, apply here


Elemental is the leading and approved provider of social prescribing technology. Elemental is a tech for good company with the purpose of empowering and enabling individuals, families, and their carers to better connect into community-based programmes, services, and interventions that make a positive impact on their lives.

Elemental is the platform of choice for over 650 digital social prescribing hubs across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  These organisations span across multiple sectors to include NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Foundation Trusts, Housing Associations, Local Government Authority, Universities, Further Education Colleges, Prisons and VCSE Sector organisations.

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Jennifer and Leeann

Someone’s health and wellbeing can be affected by where they live, what they do for a living, their income or their early childhood background experiences. This in turn leads to some stark, and often avoidable health differences.

We founded Elemental to play an active part in halting health inequalities through the social prescribing movement. Our technology helps communities to be better connected, build resilience and bring real precision to the measurement of the impact of community investment.

We work with organisations that want to continue to invest in their communities but want to be much better at measuring impact and outcomes.

We believe this is a powerful route out of health inequality.

CEO & Co-Founder, Jennifer Neff
COO & Co-Founder, Leeann Monk-Ozgul

Jennifer and Leeann

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