Adoption and scaling of social prescribing across North Wales continues as Flintshire Voluntary Council (FLVC) goes live with Elemental

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is committed to helping bridge the gap between sectors, services, and the community so that more people are able to access the non-medical support they need, when they need it and how they need it. Flintshire’s social prescribing service is the most recent  in North Wales to adopt Elemental’s digital social prescribing technology to enhance its monitoring and  reporting of case management.

Flintshire Voluntary Council (FLVC)  is the umbrella and support organisation for over 1200 voluntary and community groups based in Flintshire. It also hosts the social prescribing service in the county. Four third sector co-ordinators are employed by FLVC and work within Flintshire County Councils Adult Single Point of Access team and the Children, young people and families Early Help Hub.

Being part of the Adult SpoA and EHH in Flintshire means the social prescribing service is providing support to people and families most in need by linking with a broad and varied range of care and support in the third sector.

Kate Newman from FLVC highlighted that ‘ FLVC are pleased to be up and running with the elemental system. It is really enabling us to capture detailed information on how much and the type of support we are providing across Flintshire. It is valuable to our partners in the local authority and health board as well, to demonstrate the value and impact of the third sector.’

Using Elemental, Flintshire Local Voluntary Council can now effectively expand and measure the impacts of their new project and services as well as:

  •  Evaluate, evidence and report on the impact of a referral for an individual or across a cohort and demonstrate outcomes through monitoring tools and reporting
  •  Embed a clear referral pathway and provide support when it’s needed
  •  Reduce avoidable GP appointments and NHS service escalations, saving time, cost and resources
  •  Easily manage everything from within Elemental’s platform, meaning a seamless and simplified user journey

“Social prescribing has flourished over the last year in particular across the 6 counties within the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board region. There are currently 8 projects that are leading the way, addressing some of the most extreme issues facing communities, helping people who are experiencing vast inequalities. These projects are strengthening partnerships between health, housing, community, local gov and education. We are delighted to see Flintshire Local Voluntary Council have gone live with Elemental, and we can’t wait to see the impacts that will come from this collaboration.” Jennifer Neff, CEO and Co-founder, Elemental

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