Big Help Project partner with Elemental in a bid to support successful client reablement ‘beyond the gate’

Big Help Project partner with Elemental in a bid to support successful client reablement ‘beyond the gate’

As part of their mission to place client wellbeing front and centre for people who have just been released from prison, the Big Help Project has partnered with Elemental to digitally enhance and simplify their referral process to social prescribing programmes in the Liverpool area.  


By digitally incorporating social prescribing, as well as using their close links with Primary Care Networks across the Liverpool City Region, the project will radically tackle mental health issues and addiction dependency disorders amongst their client base.

Healthcare staff from the Big Help Project will input express referrals onto the Elemental platform once they have been thoroughly risk assessed and interviewed. From there the project will use Elemental to refer clients to specialised support, dependent on their needs. Elemental’s real time mechanisms will enable them to manage engagement and chart client’s progress to wellness. 

“After seeing how Care Merseyside incorporates Elemental’s social prescribing software into their interventions tackling a wide range of mental health problems, the Big Help Project team were blown away by the simplicity of the system, and the manner in which a client’s journey to wellness can be tracked in real time using eye catching graphs and charts. We knew instantly this software would be a massive help to both our clients and staff.” – Joseph Goulding, The Big Help Project

Big Help Project partner with Elemental in a bid to support successful client reablement ‘beyond the gate’

The Big Help Project  will house clients upon their release from prison in two-bedroom houses. Each client will be given access to the Big Help Project’s existing service delivery, including Knowsley Foodbank, Jubilee Debt Advice, Next Steps Employability Support and IT Skills Training.

  •  Knowsley Foodbank offers emergency food support to people in crisis & has fed 52,000+ since October 2011.
  •  Jubilee Debt Advice is authorised by the FCA, worked with live debt totalling £3.1m, secured £300,000+ written off.
  •  Next Steps Employability has supported over 600 people into employment, apprenticeships and training.
  •  Include-IT Mersey offers training in the use of IT/online services to support people aged 45 and over who are currently digitally excluded into employment.
  •  Welfare Benefits Support has worked with 167 clients, securing £29,956.46 in backdated gains & total weekly gains of £7,919.14, equating to £47.42 per person per week. Equating to £411,795.28 in annual guaranteed income.

The main aim for The Big Help project is to create a mechanism for how they capture the things that matter to clients in preparation for reablement and to better support those who suffer from anxiety, trauma and addictions through a range of non medical interventions after release from prison. Priorities include:

  •  Monitoring client engagement
  •  Utilising social prescribing to facilitate reduced social isolation and adverse mental health symptoms
  •  Embedding a cloud based system that allows support workers to chart client progress remotely and in real time

“We are so excited to be working with the Big Help Project in their journey to providing a person centred care approach for clients coming out of prison. At Elemental, we are determined to create stronger links between departments and sectors within the prison service and ‘beyond the gate – so we are delighted to be able to help this project simplify and enhance their referral and tracking processes through our platform.” – Leeann Monk-Özgül, Elemental CEO and Co-Founder


If you’d like to find out how Elemental can enhance and scale the impact of social prescribing in your communities, get in touch or pop your details below to request a 1-1 online demo.

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Jennifer and Leeann

Someone’s health and wellbeing can be affected by where they live, what they do for a living, their income or their early childhood background experiences. This in turn leads to some stark, and often avoidable health differences.

We founded Elemental to play an active part in halting health inequalities through the social prescribing movement. Our technology helps communities to be better connected, build resilience and bring real precision to the measurement of the impact of community investment.

We work with organisations that want to continue to invest in their communities but want to be much better at measuring impact and outcomes.

We believe this is a powerful route out of health inequality.

CEO & Co-Founder, Jennifer Neff
COO & Co-Founder, Leeann Monk-Ozgul

Jennifer and Leeann

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