Social Prescribing Hour: Improving mental health through yoga



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This week’s Social Prescribing Hour discussed how holistic activities like yoga, meditation and mindfulness can improve and prevent mental illness, particularly if taught earlier to young people and teenagers.

Our host this week was Robin Watkins-Davis, an inspiring young lady who founded Bliss by Robin in 2016 at the age of 17, a startup aimed at providing yoga classes to young people under 25 and prisoners and young offenders. Robin also runs workshops in schools as well as offering mentoring, positive support, outdoor adventure retreats and online yoga videos and resources for young people.

Robin feels passionately about the lack of self care awareness in the education system with not many skills being taught to help young people take care of their mental health. With mental health in under 25’s becoming an alarming concern, Robin is dedicated to supporting as many young people as possible by sharing yoga and meditation techniques which are relevant and empowering for their daily lives in a modern society.

Participants shared their concerns about the lack of holistic and self-care activities currently within the curriculum, with others sharing success stories from schools that already offer yoga and mindfulness to teenagers.

Robin reiterated how evidence backs her belief in the positive mental health benefits associated with yoga and mindfulness and shared and interesting article about how deep breath can engage and change different parts of the brain.

The next question for Robin queried the main issues facing young people and their mental health, why it’s so important to learn about self-care and why we should embed mental health education into the curriculum.

The final question welcomed a bit more background from Robin on Bliss-Ed and what her plans were for 2019.



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A big thank you to everyone to Robin and everyone that joined in and contributed their ideas, thoughts and questions! Join us again on Social Prescribing Hour Wednesday February 7th, 8-9pm.

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