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We Understand

Our team has been at the forefront of mobilising communities towards better health, education and employment for the past 30 years combined. Our experience led us to see that, despite millions of pounds being spent on preventing conditions like obesity, diabetes and depression, the challenge remained in engaging those most at risk. Chronic conditions are rising and so too are the costs. We know that involving someone creating their own health risk prevention plan is key to empowering them towards living better quality lives.

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We Collaborate

Despite all of our best efforts, we tend to work in separate silos. We can’t all be expected to know everything that’s happening in someone’s local community. Whether you are a resident, GP, social worker, commissioner, social prescriber or community provider, we don’t always have the time to source information and make connections that positively impact on someone’s life. By connecting resources, people, programmes, partners and strategies, we can support those in need so that no-one is left behind.

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We Listen

We’ve spoken with over 750 different stakeholders in community health and wellbeing. Elemental was developed to address what we learned directly from those involved about the challenges surrounding reducing health inequalities. We set about making it easier to help communities to get the support they need to address the issues beyond clinical needs that impact on their health and well being. We started by connecting these key stakeholders 1) Patients, 2) Community Providers and 3) Health/Social Care Professionals.

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  • Cloud Based and Responsive

    Enabling key people within your area to use any time and on any device

  • Initiate Initial Referral in Under 60 Seconds

    Frees up GP time by sending referral straight through to relevant social prescribing hub

  • Connect Individuals' Health Risks to Specific Interventions in their Community

    Filter social prescription options by location, cost, ability and type of support required to maximise people engagement

  • Cross Reference Health Journeys Against Specific and Cohort Health Risks

    Monthly progress displayed in a simple and easy way for Referrals Makers and communities to understand

Meet the Elemental
Software Team

Our team has been at the forefront of mobilising communities towards better health, education and employment for the past 30 years combined.

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Enhancing Your Social Prescription Offering

From initial referral right through to impact measurement, reporting on the outcomes of your social prescribing programme.


Referrals and Support Made Easy

Flexible to accommodate your network of providers and your social prescribing team to address the needs of your specific communities.


Built in Tracking, Support and Measurement

Bespoke measurement and support based around the needs of your community. Manage clients and report on group/individual health journeys.


Stand alone or integrate with your systems

Currently being used as a complete social prescribing platform as well as connecting in with other secure systems.



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West Lancashire CCG Launch Innovative Social Prescribing Pilot using Elemental Software Elemental Software and West Lancashire CCG have partnered to launch a significant social prescribing pilot in Skelmersdale. Public Health England reports suggest that people living in the least deprived areas of the country live around 20 years longer in good health than people in [...]

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