14th November 2016 - World Diabetes Day

Working Better Together to D!risk Dubai of Diabetes


A Dubai and Irish digital health company, is launching D!risk, a suite of proven solutions to help individuals at diabetic risk avoid becoming diabetic.

Co-Founders Jennifer Neff (based in UAE) and Leeann Monk (based in Ireland) have seen first-hand how fragmented diabetes prevention has been delivered, despite the goodwill and good intention of those involved.

Jennifer shared, ‘Our experience has found too many organisations consumed in their own silos (areas of interest) which meant those at risk of diabetes were only getting partial answers to their challenge, such as just walk more, or just eat less of the following, or take this pill. Following extensive interviews with solution providers across the diabetes ecosystem we undertook a scientific approach of surveys with ‘at risk’ of diabetics (>300) and uncovered the frustration and confusion of the patient on being diagnosed at risk of becoming diabetic. What is the roadmap to prevention? Who can help on our journey to ‘no risk’? Why is everyone handing us a brochure or pills and avoiding educating us on our choices’?

‘The market insights from listening to patients, healthcare professionals and providers guided us to develop the D!risk platform for those at risk of becoming diabetic’.

D!risk connects your community providers of health and wellness to giving patients the understanding and options to be able to architect their own diabetic prevention program. D!risk’s approach keeps the patient in the drivers’ seat, at every step along the way, plus providing a community based support network to stay diabetic free.

Jennifer said, ‘We call this D!risking your life of diabetes’.

The founders were finalists of the entrepreneur programme Ro’Ya (run by the Dubai Business Women’s Council and GrowME) where they transformed their market research and passion into a venture.

D!risk has: at risk of diabetes diagnostics, signposting, and prevention assessments as part of their platform of support. D!risk community is continually growing with more than 50 physical activity providers, diet and nutrition specialists, motivation support companies, health app providers, clinicians, employers, private clinics and government health authorities.

See the D!risk in action at the Dubai Health Authority Innovation Zone, during UAE Innovation Week in Burj Park, Dubai.

Jennifer and Leeann’s hope is that ‘We can be a key element of shifting pre-diabetic patients out of the danger zone by providing practical and personal solutions based on the D!risk assessments, platform and community. We are looking to speak with innovation and forward thinking providers who want to be part of the D!risk community.

It’s time to work better together’.

If you would like to sign up to be part of the D!risk community please email info@elementalsoftware.co.

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