20th November 2016

Preparing students for the business world


New technologies are bringing a reduction for demand in jobs such as in construction and driving, with the introduction of self driving cars and 3-D printers being used to build homes. It’s not all bad news though, as 10 year ago many jobs we see now just didn't exist, including app developers and data scientists. In another 10 years there will be more specialist jobs that we could never have imagined.

That brings the need to prepare our young people to be flexible, adaptable and creative problem solvers and team players. To enable these skills schools and industry need to work better together which is something that Elemental Software and Nord Anglia International School Dubai, has high on their agendas.

During UAE Innovation Week Nord Anglia International School Dubai will launch the second year of its innovation programme, ‘Young Innovators’ -powered by Elemental Software.

Developed by Elemental Software, in partnership with Nord Anglia’s Head of Secondary, Liam Cullinan, the Young Innovator Programme empowers 200 secondary students towards real life innovation, making a positive impact in their school, their community and on their future careers.

Liam says ‘We used the platform of UAE Innovation Week in 2015 to bring 80 students and 10 industry mentors together to focus on health innovation - by young people for young people - the students experienced how to take ideas and turn them into actual solutions. The students were so enthusiastic about developing their idea into an actual product, that the programme was extended to help them develop their ideas, source sponsorship and pitch to decision makers in Government and the private sector. Right now, these 14 and 15 year olds are building a prototype and hope to launch their product at the beginning of 2017. How often do young people get the opportunity to experience product development in school and make a difference in society?’

NAS Dubai Young Innovator 2016, launched on 20 November, has a new theme - Innovating Against Cyberbullying. Jennifer Neff Young Innovator Programme Manager, concludes ’Including young people in solving social and economic challenges is the way forward. They hold the answers to overcoming challenges such as cyberbullying. They are naturally able to adapt and solve problems - all we need to do is give them a platform to innovate and be innovative’.

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