21st April 2017

Healthy Living Centre Alliance goes digital to measure the effectiveness of social prescription referrals


Healthy Living Centres in the North of Ireland are set to transform the way communities engage with health and wellbeing activities through innovative new social prescribing technology, thanks to funding from the Public Health Agency.

In a partnership with tech for good company, Elemental Software, 14 Healthy Living Centres will implement new and innovative social prescribing technology that will enable them to refer more people to their community health programmes and better measure the difference the Healthy Living Centre Alliance is making to improve the health and wellbeing of communities most at risk.

Through Elemental Software’s unique digital platform, this two year programme will see an increase in the amount of referrals made to Healthy Living Centres across the alliance. One of the major differences the technology will make is through allowing the Alliance to track the number of people engaging in social prescribing activities and the benefits and outcomes on both an aggregate or individual level.

Tony Doherty, HLC Alliance’s Regional Coordinator, has been an advocate of social prescribing for some time now and wanted to take community health to the next level and prove value for money. He said:“What excites me most about this partnership is the ability to enable members of the community to self-refer. We are seeing a change in mindset of late where the community is demanding social prescriptions as alternative to medication and the development of mental and physical health conditions. For the first time, we will now have the analytics to assess the effectiveness of each referral we received across the HLC Alliance”.

This was echoed by Seamus Ward, Bogside and Brandywell HLC Manager, the first Healthy Living Centre to roll out social prescribing in the NW region, who said: “Individual and street by street analytics generated by Elemental Software’s platform will allow the HLCs to be more precise with their targeting to ensure the most at risk are engaged and activated in improving their health outcomes. We see digital playing a massive part in this and are fully committed to adapting the culture and ecosystem within HLCs to embrace digital technology to scale and better connect and measure the work we are already doing.”

Leeann Monk, Co-founder of Elemental Software added: “It is a testament to the Healthy Living Centre Alliance that they looked to digital technology to streamline and elevate the great work they are doing within the community. There are still so many people who don’t realise that there are fantastic programmes and services available to them right around the corner from where they live and how being supported and motivated to attend these will make a difference to their lives’.

For more information on the programme contact:
Tony Doherty (HLC Alliance Co-coordinator) tony@hlcalliance.org - http://www.hlcalliance.org
Seamus Ward (Bogside & Brandywell Healthy Living Centre Manager) seamus@bbhealthforum.org

If you are responsible for social prescribing in your area and are attending King’s Fund #socialprescribing on 18 May 2017, contact jennifer@elementalsoftware.co to arrange to see Elemental’s social prescription software in action.

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