10 June 2016

Digital DNA Award for Elemental Software as Best Tech Innovation in the Third Sector

Pictured: Winners of Digital DNA

Our partnership with the Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre (OLT), to reduce type 2 diabetes in the community, won an award at Digital DNA on Wednesday night.

Seamas Heaney, Director of OLT was delighted with the win, saying “When we saw the opportunity to trial social prescription technology in our community, we jumped at the chance. The OLT prides itself in leading the way in digital health and we knew our community would be on board in saying no to diabetes”.

Elemental enables healthcare professionals to provide a bespoke, digitally generated social prescription to patients – and then to monitor its success – safe in the knowledge that all featured providers of classes, groups and activities across the three strands of motivational support, physical activity, and diet & nutrition, have been carefully vetted and approved.

Each participant was given a tailored social prescription to follow and interact with in the online space over the course of a 12week period, and each benefited from the continuing support of a health and wellcare professional throughout.

An overall measure of diabetes risk shrank from 12.1 at the start to 9.45 by the time the pilot concluded. The 12.1 score represents a ‘moderate’ risk of developing Type 2 diabetes – at 9.45 your risk is viewed as being ‘mildly elevated’, so this represented a very real change in the outlook for the people who took part.

One programme participant, Alex, who lost 4 stone, put his success down to a number of factors: ‘The programme focused on all of the components of a healthy lifestyle - a healthy body and mind. I was not aware of the full extent of all of the ways to be healthier in my local community. However, with Elemental I was able to choose from over 50 physical activities to participate in and also diet and nutrition sessions. My dedicated Wellcare Coach kept me motivated and on track and my connection with the Elemental social media group meant I could relate to others in the same situation and benefit from their encouragement.’

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